I know!  I know!!  I'm two days behind!!  My apologies... I have been down with a cold!  Yuck!!  This winter season came way too fast!  Ugh!  Anyways, back on task... my third favorite local shop is On The Fringe!  This is what I call the "secret boutique."  It is quaint and small and connected to Bangs Salon and Spa, but it is exactly what their sign says... "Unique!"

When I have an event to go to or my husband and I finally get a night to ourselves... this is where I go!  The prices are spot on, the quality amazing, and the uniqueness is my favorite!!  You are sure to get a compliment in an outfit from On The Fringe!

They have more scarves than I have ever seen in a shop!!  These are what I call the "decorative scarves."  These are your "pop" in your outfit!!

I love this fur one!!  They have two colors.  Fur is huge this year... fur scarves and vests... umm yes!!  These are like 1/3 of the variety!  They have handmade, infinity, Notre Dame, you name it!!

These are adorable!!  These are the handmade gloves with room for your fingers!  I have always had a hard time finding gloves because I think they are itchy and bulky.  These are comfy and light weight!!  Perfect for driving, talking on the phone, and/or a cup of coffee!!

Sweater socks!!!  So many styles... these are perfect to pair with jeans or tights!  These will be your statement piece!! Sooo darn cute!

Patterns are in this winter!!  They are so easy to dress up!!  Black tights, black leggings, even a black shirt under and you're done!  I love easy wardrobes!!

The On The Fringe Babes are so good at putting outfits together!  This is what I call a grab and go outfit!!  Don't you love having it all together for you?

This is one of many purses they carry!  They have leather, fringe, leopard, reversible.... YES, reversible, and even wine purses!!  What woman doesn't need a new purse?

They have the cutest recycle bags, too!  I use these for my gift wrap!!  Two gifts in one... thank you very much!!

The jewelry selection is to die for!  Bangles, bangles, and more bangles.  The necklaces are striking.  They can literally make your dull black dress stand out!!

How cute is this owl necklace turned watch!?!? Ahhh!!

 These are necklaces you can create yourself!!

On The Fringe also has a men's section!!  That right there is "Pete, the Pizza Cutter!"  Isn't that hilarious?  You can definitely keep him out in the kitchen at all times!  Pizza is a staple in our house on Fridays!!

There's a new collection of men's underwear and even money clips!!

Don't worry... there's a baby and child section, too!  These aden and anias sets are so popular!!

Magnetic sets are perfect for church or the car!!  Too cute!

I have one of these quote books for each kid!!  Oh and those spoon things... they are to spread the Desitin so it doesn't get on your hands! BAHAH!!  I know, right!?!?

On The Fringe girls have quite a sense of humor!  These are Poo-Potpourie spray fragrances!

Check out On The Fringe!!  They don't get a lot of one piece so if you love it, you better buy it!!  I guarantee it will be gone!  This is just a small selection of what they have!  Their Christmas selection is adorable and funky, too!  Their store is a must see!!  You can visit On The Fringe right on Ironwood in the same complex as Women's Care Center!!  You can check them out on facebook, too!!  

HaPpY sHoPpInG!!!

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