Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse??  Let's be honest, Disney World is THE best place on Earth.  It's the only place you can run around like crazy, wear goofy hats, carry balloons, scream on rides, and eat Mickey ice cream bars for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE!!  

Well, when I got a call to turn a one dollar garage sale find into a FIRST BIRTHDAY masterpiece, I hopped in the car and went to pick it up.  I could not wait to start on it!

The before and after is pretty drastic.  It just makes me smile from (mouse) ear to (mouse) ear!

You can't tell in the picture, but the right side was broken.  Thankfully, I have the nicest/handiest neighbors around!  My sweet friend, Steve, helped me take the entire chair apart... which made it much easier to paint... and then when it was complete, he screwed it together and you can't even tell it was ever broken!!!  

I sprayed the legs and seat with red and black and then hand painted the Mickey head and polka dots.  

My dear friend, Courtney Schultz from Courtney Bock Designs cut the name plate for me out of white vinyl.  She saved me hours of work and it looks amazing!!  She is my Monogram Queen.

I would say this chair is ready for an adorable one year old, some cake smashing, and hours of reading in his too too cute Mickey Mouse Bedroom.

Happy 1st Birthday, Mr. Connor!!

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