So what do you do with a changing table once that baby is all grown up??  Well, turn it into a bar of course!  Moms and Dads need lots of drinks after those little squirts finally get to bed!  Especially THIS three year old drives me to drink more and more these days!  Can I get an AMEN?  

I purchased this vintage changing table about 2 years ago.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to be a bar.  The shelves are perfect for towels...glasses...ALCOHOL!  

There was a lot of work involved in this makeover.  My very handy, father, helped me remove the lid of the changing table.  We then had to fill the holes with my all-time favorite, Durham's Rock Hard.  After all of the holes were filled I sanded as best I could.  The intricate detail made it very hard to sand as well as paint.  I chose to spray it for that reason.  I used Rustoleum Satin Black.  The less shiny paint helped to hide any flaws from the previous years.

I added this sweet, little hardware next.  All bars should have a built in bottle opener, right??

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd then a towel bar!!  Again, this took some time.  The sides of the table were very thin and the screws for the towel bar were going to go right through it, so I had to add a piece of wood for stability, sprayed that, and then had my dad help me screw it all together!  It's my favorite part!!

It is the perfect piece for entertaining!  The top part is completely open for an ice bucket, a serving tray with appetizers, or even tall liquor bottles.

I lined the shelves with adhesive drawer liner as well as the bubble liner to add a little cushion for glasses or anything else breakable.

This bar is headed to the cutest newlyweds around!  I hope this bar provides many hours of entertainment, tons of hangovers, and so many wonderful memories for the sweetest couple.

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