Welcome to my "Grinch" Dining Room.  I love and adore beautiful Christmas table settings, but let's be honest... when you have two kids, that's not going to happen.  HAHAH!!  And I don't mind one bit!

This year I opted for a Grinch Room.  It is fun, bright, cheery, and kid friendly.

We are not the type of family that eats at our dining room every night, so I purposefully planned a special lunch to use our Grinch setting.

One the menu: Pizza Trees, Green Applesauce, Green and Red Peppers, and M&M Cookies!!

We had so much fun!  

As you can see, the kiddos are coloring on the tablecloth and that's exactly what they were supposed to do!!  I used a white tablecloth we had and drew placemats on it with a Sharpie Marker.  The kids used Washable Markers to draw names and masterpieces.  I can was it and the drawings will disappear, but not my setting.

Charlie really got into it.  Quinny more more concerned about the cookies.  HAHA!!  That girl and her sweet tooth!  Once she saw big brother's, though, she added a little pink to her place.

To make the Grinch glasses I just used Starbucks glasses, polka dotted straws (Michaels), and green trim (Michaels).  I just hot glued the trim onto the glasses.  Super cheap and easy.

My kiddos!

 Another view from my side of the table.  

"Maybe Christmas (he thought) doesn't come from a store." - The Grinch

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday from my family to yours!!

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