This is certainly a project anyone can do.  The only thing holding you back would be the super cold weather right now.  I was lucky and had a pretty nice afternoon.  You could spray paint in your garage, but this spray goes everywhere so I don't personally suggest it.

All you need is a tarp, tree, and some spray!

I purchased my tree at Big Lots for 18 bucks.  I removed all of the lights first.  You cannot spray your tree with the lights on or the lights will be turned whatever color you decide to spray your tree.  Next, I sprayed my tree with the "Colortouch Spray" from Michaels.  You have to use this spray.  This is the only spray that will adhere to the needles.  I used two cans to completely cover my 4 foot tree.  Remember less is more when spray painting.  I let it dry overnight.
 As you can see, the spray took very well on my cheapo tree!  I love the way it turned out.  I decided not to put the lights back on because they were white on white and it stuck out like a soar thumb!

Instead, I wrapped my "Grinch" inspired tree with a green feather boa and lights.  It gives it a really cool effect!  Isn't it perfect?  I already had the polka dot ribbon... so I used that for garland.  I bought the funky ornaments at Target and that's all it needed!

There you have it!  This is just one DIY piece in my "Grinch" dining room.  There is more to come.  Stay tuned!!

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