About a year ago at this time... I started Copycat-Design!  Time sure flies when you're having fun!!  I have been so very busy and I love every minute of it.  Thanks to my followers for all of your love and support!  I can't thank you enough!

Alright back to business...


These two beautiful pieces are just what I said... beautiful.  The detail on the sides are just gorgeous, but one had paint splatters all over it and the other had two huge holes in the back along with some chipped wood.  They needed some color and fast.  These were a request for a four-seasons room and boy was I excited to put some "real color" on them.  Purple!!  My daughter's favorite color is purple and she was quite excited as well.  Infact, she thought they were her "purples."  LOL

The inspiration for this purple color???  An ombre shag RUG!

Aren't these adorable.  This POP of color is exactly what this room needed.  How can you go wrong with gray and purple?  Ohh  how I would love to have a four-seasons room.  

These pieces were pretty easy... NOT!!  I did sand, prime, prime, paint and paint (like usual), but the slats on each piece were very hard to paint as well as the detailed lattice on the sides.  These did drip a lot, too, but I used a small brush and was very patient (or tried to be hahah).  On hard pieces like these, the trick is to start from the inside and work your way out.  

A lot of people ask me if I paint the backs of my furniture pieces... my answer... If it looks rough or you think it might be seen from a certain angle... then YES!  It just looks like a more finished piece when the whole thing is painted.

Aren't they pretty in purple??  I love them!!  These were perfect for the home owner.  She collects more books and magazines than anyone I've ever seen!!  

Short and sweet tonight, folks!  Sorry!  I am painting every night until the show!!  

Mal :)

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