Although green is my favorite color... this color green... not so much.  My dear friend, "Uncle Larry," asked me to give this guy a makeover.  It has a unique story behind it.  This was Larry's mother's table.  He painted it for her years ago.  He was quite proud of it, too.  Unfortunately, it was time for a little freshening up... and that's where I came in.  

It was a pretty easy process really.  The piece itself is amazing.  The top was very shiny so I did have to sand or, well, Charlie did!  Hahah.... he always wants to help me.  

I really wanted to keep the memories of this table somehow even though the plan was to paint over it.  Make sense??  Let me explain: I chose a Behr classic white and mixed it with Webster's Chalk Paint Powder. I  wanted the green to show through a bit, so Larry could remember what it used to look like.  I sanded it with sandpaper in the areas where the table would be most worn ( edges, sides, etc...).  A hint of green showed through perfectly.   I sealed it with a little brown wax and a lot of clear wax to keep that old, antique feel.  

Larry gave me specific directions to NOT replace the knob.  He said it was his "mom's thing."  Therefore, I did not touch it.  I love it just the way it is!  

I think the new piece looks fresh and clean, but still has noticeable memories!
Happy Thoughts?


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