Well, this family of four is growing again!  In just a few short weeks baby #3 will be here!!  Boy or girl??  No one knows... but for now this mama knows exactly how she wants her nursery to look.  

About two weeks ago, Molly contacted me to find a tall and thin dresser for her and stat!  I found this dresser ( I think that day - hey, when I'm given a job I get it done! ).  It was 40 bucks on an online garage sale site and it was well worth it.  Sure, it had a few issues ( as all old pieces do ), but look at the shape and the details.  Plus, I love how the double doors open!!  

Here is a closeup of some of the drawers.  A few of the corners needed to be filled and this man was the secret.  A small amount and some water and I was all set.  Let it dry and sand!

Look at the change already.  It just looks alive here.

sand, prime, light sand, prime, light sand, white, white  :)
This is where I struggled.  I was sent a pic of what Molly wanted for the chevron.  However, the pic was on a different size dresser and all the drawers on the piece were the same size.  If you look close, the doors below on top are much larger.  I stared at this white thing for about 24 hours.  I finally called my dad to help.  Chevron is not hard ( it is all Math), but the sizes were really throwing me off.  My Dad, the Master, came over, did a few measurments, and just started taping it off!!  He is awesome.  In about an hour, it was ready to be painted.  

Sorry about my laundry in the background bahahah!!

When you use tape for a project, make sure you use Frog Tape ONLY!  Really use your finger nails to push down on the sides.  I rolled all of the drawers twice.  I pulled the tape off after about 15 minutes MAX.  DO NOT let the tape sit.  I had minor touch ups!!  VOILA!!

Because the handles are a special size, Molly decided to just reuse them and spray them a silver metal.  

Isn't it just perfect against the charcoal gray walls???  And the owls artwork!?!?  If you know me, you know my love for owls!  I think the dresser looks quite at home and ready for some new baby clothes!!

I can't wait to see more pics of the nursery and of course pictures of the new baby!  October 3rd will be here before we know it!!

Congrats to the cutest family around!  

Love and hugs,
Mal :)


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