Mary H. Fraser grew up on a farm in Vermont with horses and Herefords. For as long as she can remember her parents always had a huge garden with lovely flower beds. As kids, they were required to help in the garden. At a young age, Mary was taught to can pickles, freeze various vegetables, and even make homemade jam.  
When she turned fifty, Mary gave up her job as an administrator to raise cut flowers. She had a beautiful "flower farm" in Hartford, Vermont. She even sold to businesses, restaurants, as well as to the Farmer's Market in Norwich. Mary's small business was called, "Posies," the word her grandmother always used when referring to any kind of flowers.  
After Mary's parents passed away, she spent a couple of years in Santa Fe and then later moved to Connecticut. In 2010, she moved to Niles, Michigan in order to be closer to her son, Alex (a local architect), his wife, Pam, and their four hockey-loving children. Unfortunately, but fortunately, Mary sent out over 100 resumes and could not find a job, and therefore (with a little push from her children), decided to raise vegetables for her very own Farm Stand!! 
Mary's other son, Jonathan, is an actor and lives in L.A. with his wife and daughter.  Her daughter, Anna, is an incredible artist, and lives in Santa Fe, NM. She works with encaustics, a wax medium, and shows her work in galleries there. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!! :)

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Mary was the centerpiece florist for Adam and Carly's Wedding. We seriously gave her about 3 days notice! You can see the process in the pics. below!

I would not even know where to start!!! Flower arranging is truly an art.

The finished products were unbelievable!!
Believe it or not, Mary does not advertise. She solely depends on "word of mouth." And slowly, but surely, people are finding her. LIKE ME!!  
Mary's favorite part about her new business:
1. Just knowing that people are eating healthy, organically grown veggies. 
2. Making bouquets- all from flowers that SHE has grown. She is even more pleased when she sees men out there buying flowers for their wives and mothers. Mary told me, "As Americans, we don't treat ourselves to fresh flowers as the Europeans do. We tend to buy them for only special occasions!"

What does Mary do over the late fall and winter?? She combs through seed catalogues and plans for the next spring. You have to when you raise everything from seed yourself! Rumor has it, Mary is even working on a book. Oh and did I mention she reads 2-3 books a week?!? 

The kids and I visited Mary on Monday and bought 3 bouquets of flowers, tomatoes, squash, and even zucchini. My house just seems so bright with all of the gorgeous flowers. The hubs and I cooked up or squash and zucchini that night. What do you think??

DELICIOUS!! Charlie, insisted on buying the BIGGEST zucchini, too. So we did and I plan on baking about 4 loaves of zucchini bread.

Ok. I know. This is by far my longest blog post yet, but I had to share how wonderful Miss Mary is and her fantastic Farm Stand. Please do me a favor and go visit Mary before she closes shop. Her stand is on Bertrand Road in Niles, MI.  

Thank you, Mary, for all you do. You make people smile everyday!

Mal :)

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