Photography by Anastassia

Seriously?  Aren't they the cutest??????

I had the absolute privilege of  being JLo  helping these two plan their BIG DAY!!  It was so much fun and absolutely gorgeous!  I cannot take full credit, though... the Bride is very artsy herself and found most everything.  I just helped her bring it all together (and keep her organized- love ya, Car)!  

Wedding/Reception: Izaak Walton
Bouquets, Boutonnierres, Cake:  Martin's 
Flowers on fire place, head table, and guest tables: 
Food: The Skillet
DJ: Alex E.

Please take a minute and enjoy the scrapbook page I made of this wonderful day!
Photography by Anastassia

These coral dresses were adorable.  They could definitely be worn again!!  
Photography by Anastassia
The groom laughed at me for putting so much time into this arch, but I love the way it turned out.  The beading and pearls shimmered in the sunlight.  It was perfect up against the natural foliage. Look at the programs!! They  were attached to little bags with bird seed inside!! Ahh!  Such a cute idea.  

Photography by Anastassia
Vintage touches were everywhere.  Scrabble pieces, old books, Ball Jars, frames... 
Photography by Anastassia
The flowers were breathtaking.  Believe it or not, my mother found the sweetest lady in Niles, Michigan who has her own little flower stand right outside her front door.  My mom approached her about helping with the Wedding and she was tickled to do it.  You should have seen the guests' faces as they entered the building.  The flowers just made everyone smile!  Mary, you did one hell of a job!  You have a gift!!

Photography by Anastassia

 Just look at the fireplace mantle!  

Even though I didn't have a head piece like J-Lo, I still felt like her for the day!  This wedding was full of love and happy memories!  I hope I can plan more soon!  Stay tuned for tomorrows blog- all about the florist, Mary H. Fraser!

Happy thoughts?
Mal :)

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