Photo Courtesy of Schwartz Photography

I was recently invited to a FLOURISH Fashion Show as a VIP Blogger.  I know what you're thinking!  YOU redo furniture; what does THAT have to do with a clothing boutique?  

Well, let me tell you in one word - INSPIRATION!  

Photos Courtesy of Schwartz Photography

Not to mention, it was a fun night out for us girls and Vanessa (the owner of FLOURISH) sure knows how to host a party!  See for yourself.

Photos Courtesy of Schwartz Photography

My favorite restaurant, Temper Grille, was there with delicious appetizers and the cupcakes were done locally by, Little Cakes.  YUMMO!

Since I have begun painting and redoing furniture I look at graphic design, colors, patterns, as well as interior design in such a different way.  Inspiration is everywhere you look.  When putting colors together, the absolute best place to look (in my opinion) is on clothing.  Sure, you can look at a million color swatches and magazines, but when you are up close and personal with an article of clothing... it is more realistic.

Vanessa and the girls at FLOURISH have taught me a lot over the past few months.  As many of you know, I was lucky enough to be a FLOURISH model for a season.  I had a blast.  To be honest, I might even add modeling to my updated resume... Bahahah!  Everytime I left the shop, the girls were so kind and would tell me, "Thank you."  

FLOURISH girls, from the bottom of my heart, I thank YOU.  I learned so much in such a short period of time.  Vanessa and her squad do an amazing job putting various colors together that I never in a million years would.  She always makes sure there is a "POP" of color somewhere.  When you think about it, it's just like furniture and putting a room together.  


Here are some examples of outfits that inspired me to turn them into 
pieces of art:

"Mint to be Adorned" (INSPIRATION- color, bling on knobs, navy blue accents)

"Top of the Chevron to You in Black" (INSPIRATION- color, blue knobs, chevron detail)

"Blowing in the Wind" (INSPIRATION - flower necklace/knob, color, lace print on top of table)
* There is a lace print on top I promise!

"GLITTER" (INSPIRATION - glitter on top of the vanity = so girly and so perfect)

I encourage you to head to the FLOURISH website and find inspiration just as I did.  And while you're there, pick out something special just for you!  

Happy thoughts?
Mal :)

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