If you know me, you know I love a good sale!  Please check out FLOURISH BOUTIQUE'S Overstock Sale.  I'm warning you, though, you will not leave empty handed.

Check out the deals I got today:

Paired with skinny jeans, bright colored necklace, or even a scarf... perfect to transition into FALL!

I love this emerald green and white top.  You can wear this with jeans to keep it casual or black to dress it up.  Versatile is key!

STRIPES!  Anything stripes or polka dots and I'm sold.  This may be my dress the wedding we have this weekend.  It's super comfortable and can be paired with any bright necklace for a super cute and super simple look!

And of course I had to buy a few accessories.  Purse= 5 bucks!  Earrings= 50 cents each (Hello, Christmas presents), and the stacked bracelet= 8 dollars!!

Love my deals, love my FLOURISH!  
You can fall in love too, they open at 10 A.M.

Happy Shopping!!

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