If you know me, you know I love a good sale!  Please check out FLOURISH BOUTIQUE'S Overstock Sale.  I'm warning you, though, you will not leave empty handed.

Check out the deals I got today:

Paired with skinny jeans, bright colored necklace, or even a scarf... perfect to transition into FALL!

I love this emerald green and white top.  You can wear this with jeans to keep it casual or black to dress it up.  Versatile is key!

STRIPES!  Anything stripes or polka dots and I'm sold.  This may be my dress the wedding we have this weekend.  It's super comfortable and can be paired with any bright necklace for a super cute and super simple look!

And of course I had to buy a few accessories.  Purse= 5 bucks!  Earrings= 50 cents each (Hello, Christmas presents), and the stacked bracelet= 8 dollars!!

Love my deals, love my FLOURISH!  
You can fall in love too, they open at 10 A.M.

Happy Shopping!!

Photo Courtesy of Schwartz Photography

I was recently invited to a FLOURISH Fashion Show as a VIP Blogger.  I know what you're thinking!  YOU redo furniture; what does THAT have to do with a clothing boutique?  

Well, let me tell you in one word - INSPIRATION!  

Photos Courtesy of Schwartz Photography

Not to mention, it was a fun night out for us girls and Vanessa (the owner of FLOURISH) sure knows how to host a party!  See for yourself.

Photos Courtesy of Schwartz Photography

My favorite restaurant, Temper Grille, was there with delicious appetizers and the cupcakes were done locally by, Little Cakes.  YUMMO!

Since I have begun painting and redoing furniture I look at graphic design, colors, patterns, as well as interior design in such a different way.  Inspiration is everywhere you look.  When putting colors together, the absolute best place to look (in my opinion) is on clothing.  Sure, you can look at a million color swatches and magazines, but when you are up close and personal with an article of clothing... it is more realistic.

Vanessa and the girls at FLOURISH have taught me a lot over the past few months.  As many of you know, I was lucky enough to be a FLOURISH model for a season.  I had a blast.  To be honest, I might even add modeling to my updated resume... Bahahah!  Everytime I left the shop, the girls were so kind and would tell me, "Thank you."  

FLOURISH girls, from the bottom of my heart, I thank YOU.  I learned so much in such a short period of time.  Vanessa and her squad do an amazing job putting various colors together that I never in a million years would.  She always makes sure there is a "POP" of color somewhere.  When you think about it, it's just like furniture and putting a room together.  


Here are some examples of outfits that inspired me to turn them into 
pieces of art:

"Mint to be Adorned" (INSPIRATION- color, bling on knobs, navy blue accents)

"Top of the Chevron to You in Black" (INSPIRATION- color, blue knobs, chevron detail)

"Blowing in the Wind" (INSPIRATION - flower necklace/knob, color, lace print on top of table)
* There is a lace print on top I promise!

"GLITTER" (INSPIRATION - glitter on top of the vanity = so girly and so perfect)

I encourage you to head to the FLOURISH website and find inspiration just as I did.  And while you're there, pick out something special just for you!  

Happy thoughts?
Mal :)

It's a Bird... It's a Plane...It's.... ABRAHM LEIGH.
Weighing in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces, and 19.5 inches long
He is the cutest little super hero I have ever seen.

I had the priveledge of being one of his mother's roommates in college at Good 'Ole Ball State University.  She (Abbie) is also a very close family friend.  Let me tell you she has always been amazing with kids and seeing HER as a mother now has been so much fun.  Abbie is seriously the calmest mother in the world.  She handles everything with such ease and loves every minute of being a momma.

After Abbie decided on a theme for the nursery she called me to see if I had any pieces that could be redone for a changing table. Well, of course I had a treasure hiding in Grandpa's basement.  It was 8 bucks at a garage sale and perfect for baby Abrahm's tight, but cozy room!!!

CHECK OUT HIS ROOM!!  Isn't it absolutely adorable?!?!  This room is literally, "A Hodge Podge of Love."  Quoted directly from mom herself.  Abbie's very talented sister, Carly painted the Super Hero canvases for the wall AND the fantastic city mural on the main wall. Her cousin, Emily, made the Super Hero Mobile using an old mobile (skeleton) and then pieced fabric and felt together to make the people.  WOW!  Another friend made her curtains, another the Superman Quilt, and someone even made the Chevron chair pad for the rocker!!  I'm telling you... there were so many talented people that helped to make this nursery so unique and full of love!

The rocker was actually given to Abbie's mom when she found out she was pregnant with Abbie.  I was asked to bring it back to life with a fresh coat of white.  I love the shape and details of it.  I chose to use Webster's Chalk Powder because it was such a hard piece to sand.  I did give it a light sand, but the CP was perfect.  A few coats of poly and it was sealed!

THIS WAS THE wardrobe turned changing table I scored at the garage sale!  Cute, huh??  NOT. AT. ALL!  It needed some work, but I knew it was the perfect piece for Abrahm's room.  

Much better now!  Abbie wanted a more "comic" look.  She went with a royal blue for the dresser.  It did take about 5 coats to cover completely and the inside I painted white just to give it a pop as well as to clean it up. Once the knob was replaced, hinges painted, and the final white lined details it was DONE!

Sooo... the issue with finding a cheap piece of furniture usually means that it will entail some work.  This lion dresser needed a lot of work once I got down to the nitty gritty.  Here are my tips and tricks I learned myself along the way in redoing this piece.
1. DO NOT forget about the inside of your furniture.  Old furniture does tend to smell.  If you air it out and it still smells... paint it.  They even have air freshener stuff you can add to the paint!

2. If you have to paint the hardware (screws, hinges, etc.) stick them in a pie pan and then spray them!

3. Sand, sand, and sand.. the top of this piece had some major water damage that was not able to be seen until I sanded it down really well.  It was fine once I sanded it and primed with a few thick coats. Moral of the story??  Don't stress about water damage.

4.  Unfortunately, the back of this piece was falling off.  The previous owner used metal screws.  My dad helped me stablize it by putting staples and dry wall screws in.  The dry wall screws held so much better.

5. Don't spray inside a piece of furniture- you will paint yourself!!  Just suck it up and paint it with a brush!! LOL  Also, be sure to tape off any hardware that shouldn't be painted.  

6. No level?- No problem!  Here's a carpenter's trick my dad taught me: just use a tape measurer- it acts as a plum-bob string with a weight on the end!

7. If your drawers stick after being painted just rub a bar of soap on the bottom of the drawers and on top of the tracks.

Well, this wraps it up.  I hope you learned something new today.  Even if all you moms out there just decide you want more babies so you can decorate another nursery as cute as this one!! HA!  

Happy Thoughts?
Mal :)

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