So one day my sister and I were out driving around and I spotted this skeleton on the side of the road.  As we drove passed it, the light bulb went on over my head, I looked at my sister, pulled into the closest driveway, and turned around.  Her words, "What. Are. You. Doing?"

My response, "It's the perfect piece for a Dress-Up Armoire!"  Of course she just went with it, hopped out of the car, and helped me load it.  I was so excited to get started.  

Well, about a year later, it is finally DONE!!  

Although I wish I could tell you I did this by myself, I would be lying!  I might be a good painter, but I know nothing about wood working.  No worries: I called my main man, Paul.  He is incredible with wood.  His house is filled with DIY projects that you only read about in magazines.  I wish I could spend days with him so he could teach me about saws, types of wood, and all the tips and tricks he has up his sleeves!  

I asked Paul to do three things for me:
1. clear out the dresser
2. add a drawer to the bottom &
3. add a rod of some sort to hang the clothes

Now remember this was a roadside rescue and it wasn't in the best shape.  The sides had some mold and dirt, but nothing I couldn't clean up.  Paul did a knock-out job on the armoire.  I mean he hand-crafted a new drawer for me (you'll see it soon)!! 

So here it is so far.  The inside was not pretty.  I tried to prime it with spray primer, but it did not take.  I really wanted to do something different to the inside, so I thought a wallpaper cover would be a great way to hide all of the flaws.  You know me though, I am always trying to find ways to save money.  Instead of wallpaper, I simply bought a set of polka dotted green napkins from Marshalls for about 1.50.  I laid them out, brushed on my Mod Podge with my 89 cent foam brush, and let it dry.  I did have to get creative on the sides.  I just cut the napkins to size and pasted.  When using MP, you have to wipe it on first, place your paper/napkin, then MP again over.  It acts as a sealant like Polyurethane.  I gave it about 2 coats.  I loved the way the inside turned out.  It even gave it a slight texture!!

Once the wallpaper was done, I spray painted the rod chrome (to look like metal), primed the outside of the piece with Kilz, and then gave it two coats of white paint.  I kept the color simple so I did not take away from the inside.

Here it is!  All setup in the basement and ready for use.  I purchased some Halloween costumes at Goodwill for 50% off during Halloween time (see it pays to wait on some projects) as well as The Christmas Tree Shop when they were 50% off, too.  

I found the LOVE sign at Hobby Lobby half off.  Perfect for boas and necklaces.  The outside will have a long, thin mirror, but I am waiting for Back-2-School time to get one super cheap.  Hey, I've waited a year to finish this project, what's a few more months!?!

Mommy Tip: Use clothespins to keep the articles of clothing together. :)

The drawer Paul made fits like a glove.  It is perfect for my collection of hats.  Ya, I collect hats; just like me madre.  It's in the blood.  Believe me, my hat collection has come in handy for many things: school projects, Halloween costumes, teaching, and even Birthday Parties!

The knobs are from Hobby Lobby: always 50% off.

As you can see, the kids use it all of the time.  I love the way my Dress-up Armoire turned out and I love how much fun the kids have using it!

Thanks, Paul, for all of your hard-work.  XOXO

Happy Thoughts?
Mal :)

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