It's hard to believe Valentine's Day is only 4 days away!!  I think I have had my Valentine's decorations up since the first week of January.  LOL!!  Once I took my Christmas stuff down the house just looked so bare!  Plus,  I had to put out my V-Day stuff so at least it was up for longer than 14 days, right???  :)  

Here is our front door.  I bought my heart wreath from Target for 2 buckaroos!  I hung it with some extra red ribbon from Christmas.  The trees are still up from Christmas and yes I light them at night.  I love lights!!  I added the red picks for V-Day!  They were a total of 2 bucks (6 total) from Hobby Lobby after Christmas.

I don't have too many crafty things up in my house for the lovely holiday, but still thought I would share.  My favorite time to buy holiday decorations is AFTER the holiday when it's like 75% off.  Everything you see was either a hand-me-down, purchased for less than 5 dollars, or something I had already with a simple heart ornament added to it... EXCEPT for the large heart, wall art (that came from a local artist).

Simple garland from Pier 1, heart wall clings from The Christmas Tree Shop, and red heart lights from Target make our house very "lovable" and inviting.

I love to use red beads from Christmas for vase fillers as well as cheap plastic conversation hearts. I have seen in magazines and on Pinterest where people use edible conversation hearts with candles- love that idea as well.  You know me though... I use what I have!  

Aren't the Valentines this year amazingly creative and fun??  These are the ones my little guy picked this year.  Of course we had to try out each one.  C also wanted to make these fun robots we found on Pinterest. 

My favorite part of the holiday is finding special things to do for my husband as well as my kiddos.  I found this cute picture frame from Target on clearance that you can write on/wipe off "sweet nothings."  We have been writing back and forth every day and counting down until the 14th.  I know it's corny, but it gives me the love butterflies every time I read a note from him.  

For the kids (well, actually just the oldest) I put a heart on his door starting on the first of February.  Every day gives him another reason why we love him so much!  Please don't think I don't love my youngest - she's just too little to understand right now!!  Don't worry, I supply her with more cuddles and extra kisses!

Lastly, I found this adorable idea on Pinterest and the kiddos 
(yes, both) will be waking up to this on the BIG day!

Who doesn't love a few small gifts just to say I heart you?!?!  Thinking about making dinner all red foods as well.  We'll see!!  

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Mal

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