I'm sure you all think I have been hibernating since winter has begun, but I haven't. This project took me over 40 hours, and it was worth every minute.  I have a friend who asked me to do some "funky painting."  I'm not gonna lie, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I was totally up for the task, though!  She gave me no direction at all except to make TWO 20x30 mirrors and a shelf for her bathroom - bright, funky, and crazy!  Hahaha- sounds easy, huh?  Well, if you know me... I am a planner.  It honestly took me about a week just to draw up my blueprints.  I changed my mind a million times.  

Honestly, I started by taking a peek into my friend's house to see her style, choice of colors, and to find out just how funky she really was.  Let me tell you... her house is amazing.  You walk into color everywhere... green, black and white, pink, purple, yellow, zebra, polka dots, swirls, and unique artwork everywhere.  
Then, I went for a drive just checking out patterns.  I noticed a gift shop that had black and white checks in their windows, a salon that is bursting with color from the inside-out, as well as billboards with swirls (especially around Valentine's Day).  I am telling you... inspiration is everywhere!

Here is a sneak peak... promise me you won't scroll down to the bottom until you see all of the befores!!  It is LENT, people!


Alright, this is where it all started... in my handy dandy notebook that I carry everywhere with me!  I drew up both the mirrors and shelves and even used colored pencils to make sure I used all of the paint colors I had been given (Yep, "K" bought all of the paint for me!  I'm telling you she is awesome with color.)

Shelf Blueprint

Shelf Before

(Because the shelf was already white I left it as is and just started painting.)


Shelf front

Shelf side view

Shelf close-up

Shelf top
Look at the colors she chose!!  They look even richer and more vibrant in person!  

OOOOOOKKKKKKKK now for the mirrors!!!!

"K" special ordered these mirrors from Michaels.  The left one is sanded and taped-off, middle is primed (2 coats), and the right pic is painted (2 coats).  I literally watched paint dry. LOL  

At least I had Grandpa Johnny to send me snacks through the laundry shoot!  Jealous???  You should be!!

What do you think???  Wouldn't you love to get ready in the A.M.?????  They are so cheery!!


A few close-ups on the patterns!

WOW!!!  As you can see... she doesn't even have her bathroom put back together yet!  I couldn't wait to take pics of everything so as soon as her hubs hung them up, I headed over!!  She even asked me to paint a shower curtain for the bathroom!!  I'm in!!  I might go into hibernation for a while after this project, though.  Hahah - just kidding!  I have two preggos who need some painting done next.  Stay tuned!!

Happy thoughts????

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