Do you see that smile????  Isn't she the cutest little thing ever?  Meet Marlee!  She is in my son's class at school and believe it or not her mommy and I used to play volleyball together many moons ago.  This sunshine always always always has zebra print on somewhere.  I think her mom has shopped everywhere in America just to keep up her zebra print wardrobe.  Well, her mom asked me to paint a plain table she already purchased for Christmas, with of course.... you guessed it.... ZEBRA PRINT!

I was so excited to be able to be apart of this little girl's Christmas surprise as well as try something I have never done before.  

You can see in the first picture that the table came to me as a blonde wood color.  It did have a glossy finish on it so I had to sand it off.  It took me a whole 15 minutes.  Next, I spray primed it.  It is so cost effective to just buy the $6 spray primer than to buy a can of primer and brush it on.  I primed, waited about 30, and then primed again.  You will see in the next pictures that I simply painted the base of the table black and the bottom white.  I did use a brush for the black and a roller for the white to keep it extra smooth.  Then, I borrowed a projector from the school and of course made a transparency with the zebra print on it (sounds like cheating, huh??  more like lifesaver!!!).

To the left is a pic of the transparency and to the right is a pic of how I traced it onto the table.  Easy peasie!!!

Once my tracing was complete... I used the same black from the legs to color in the stripes.  Here is my hint of all hints!!!  A huge thank you to Grandpa Johnny who sat with me through the process... make sure to draw an "X" in the areas that you want to color in.  Once I turned the projector off... I couldn't tell what was to be white and what was to be black.  Phew... thanks for Gpa!!

I am just in awe at how well it turned out.  It is absolutely perfect.  The small imperfections and slight texture throughout the stripes make it even more realistic.  My animal expert, four-year old said it looked just like a real zebra so that was good enough for me.  :)

Here is Marlee's room and the future home of this table!!

Oh I can not wait to see pictures of Marlee's face when she sees it!!  Mom- don't forget to take lots of pics for me!!  Speaking of mom... she has it hidden somewhere super secretive along with the amazing chair she personalized just for little Miss M!!

I'm smitten!

On that note... Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope your holiday is merry, bright, and just a tad "wild!"


  1. What a GREAT idea with using the projector. The table looks AWESOME! I'm loving your blog Mallory!


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