I feel like I have been away for a long time... maybe because I have!  My apologies... I have been sick for about a month and as soon as my sickness went away the kids got it.  Go figure!!  Anyways, I am back and painting my tail off again.

I had to move from the inspirational garage (hahah) to the ever so comfortable basement of my Grandpa Johnny's.  I am a wimp when it comes to being cold!  But, how can you not be inspired by this fine specimen?  He is my number one fan and always feeds me on my breaks. :)  I told you I needed a workspace!!  He doesn't charge me rent so I think I am staying!

Gandpa Johnny (90 years old I might add)

Anyways, back to my "WORK."  Remember that chair I had posted a long while back?  The little, yellow, old telephone chair????  Well, she has been transformed and being used for the holidays!! 

I dyed it red using that awesome spray dye from Hobby Lobby, painted the arms green with white polka-dots, and the final touch was the furniture tacks.  Unrecognizable!?!?!?

Here she is at her new home... at a Photo Shoot!

I met a lady by the name of Tonya Surbaugh.  She is an up-and-coming photographer in the Elkhart area.  Her work is so much fun and just makes you want to smile.  

Here are a few more examples of her work.  These adorable pictures kind of make me want to have another baby... I said "kind of!"  We.Will.See!  

 Tonya is on facebook.  If you would like to get a hold of her you can always 
e-mail me for more contact info, as well.  


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  1. I need to find more about this spray fabric dye. That chair looks wonderful after you were finished with it. GREAT job!


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