If I could pick my favorite style of Christmas decorating I would say extravagant, sparkly, and gaudy... unfortunately, but fortunately that is not at all what my house looks like (hahahha).  I have 2 sets of little hands that touch everything and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I make sure that every single thing I put out for decoration can be touched, played with, or thrown but not broken. :)  

Christmas is magical and it should be enjoyed by all ages.  I have color everywhere... not just your typical red and green.  I mix gold and silver, white lights and colored, and I purposely mix old with new.

Here is a tour of Windover Lane...enjoy!

I let the kids decorate the tree even if it isn't perfect.  The season is about them, right?  Who cares if there are 3 ornaments on one branch or none at all on the bottom half of the tree (Quinn steals them and runs) lol?!?!?  We don't have a traditional star on top but instead some sparkly sticks.  Santa's cookie plate and Santa book come out every year.  My glitter trees are my favorite (even though my husband hates them and all things glitter).  The deer were hand-me-downs and I adore them on our piano.  The ornament poofs and basket I made myself and the gift box of ornaments came from a friend's wedding. 

The three trees pictured have been used for swords, unicorn horns, as well as hats - bahahahha!  They have seen better days, but work perfectly for some height behind my couch.  The bright-colored garland pictured sits on our fireplace under our TV.  It was from Target and I simply wrapped it in white lights for a pop. The light-up present was from TJ Maxx and it works perfectly next to my garland.  "Merry" also came from Target, but to add a little fun I placed the snowball guys on top (they were my Grandpa's and I can still picture where they used to be in his house :).

These are just a few of my favorite, favorite pieces in the house: Santa picture placed above the couch, the collection of Nutcrackers, Santa suit seat covers, handmade snow globe, glittery old lightbulbs (made by Charlie), the garland on the stairway, and of course.... Murphy - our elf.  He brought a friend this year to help watch over the other rugrat, too.  The look on the kids' faces when he moves is priceless.  

Simple garland with some dangling ornaments sets the mood in my dining room.  My gorgeous tree art came from a close friend, Julie.  She is an amazing artist and it warms my heart every year to bring it out knowing it's personalized just for my family.  

The Merry Christmas sign is a stick-on wall decal from Hobby Lobby.  You can see it right when you walk in the door.  I kept my shelf simple with a Santa plate and mugs from my Mom (filled with marshmallows), glass trees from Goodwill (filled with red/white balls from HL), and a handmade countdown chain (from my sis).  The Believe sign came from my momma, too.  It was the perfect fit for my narrow wall!

Every year I try to do something different for the Advent/Christmas countdown.  This year, Charlie is really into jokes, so I put up a small tree in our kitchen with Christmas clothespins.  Attached to the pins are funny jokes about the season.  He loves them so much sometimes we do more than one a day. :)  The Santa in the right hand corner was from my Mom.  She sent it to me when I was in college filled with my favorite candies!  I make sure to bring him out every year along with some sweets.  Finally, I also wrapped 24 Christmas books for us to read before bed.  We unwrap one book every night along with a special treasure.  

I love getting mail in general so getting Christmas cards almost everyday in the month of December is a present in itself!  I literally run to the mailbox, partly because it is so cold outside, and because I can not wait to see "who" is in my mailbox!!  How can you not smile at the gorgeous pictures that come in the mail??  They certainly brighten my day.  That is why I keep our cards on a ring in a little red basket right on our kitchen table for all to flip through!

This brings us to the end of the tour!  I hope it put a smile on your face.  What kinds of traditions do you have within your family?  Do you have one special decoration that has to come out every year?  How do you and your family make the Christmas season so magical??  Please share...

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  1. I love looking at your Christmas decorations and reading your comments regarding where they came from. Your children are lucky to live in a house filled with so many beautiful things for the Christmas season. Diane Burch


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