About a month ago I posted this picture onto Facebook to figure out what color to paint it.  I received numerous suggestions... to name a few: black, teal, yellow, old white, plum, even the Sistine Chapel!  Unfortunately, I did not go with any of those... haha.  Sorry to those who gave suggestions (I truly appreciate it), but I found someone who just "had to have" this piece so I had to go with what the buyer wanted.  

The individual that wanted this piece has a great eye for color.  The colors in her house just make you smile.  She chose Behr Asparagus for this very old and one-of-a-kind magazine holder/sewing side table.  All in all it was in pretty good shape.  A little glue, a little sanding, some paint and ta-da!!

 I did use my handy-dandy Websters mixed with my $3 paint sample.  Then, I waxed with Fiddes clear wax and a little bit of dark wax to add a touch of detail.  I love the way the legs turned out.  I sanded the piece with my sanding block, but used my Electric sander for the legs.  Isn't it delicious?!?!  Green is my favorite color so this was very hard to give up.  :)

Here it is used as a cookbook holder/media table in the heart of the home... the kitchen!

Happy thoughts???

Here's one more green goody I did for the show and sold right away!!
It's an old shoe shine box turned storage box.


Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do.  I did the same exact technique here as I did above.  I added some colorful paper to the inside.  I applied Modge Podge to the box, placed my paper, and Modge Podged another coat.  Easy peasie!  :)

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  1. Loved so much, I already pinned on Pinterest! Will do FB next!!! Beautiful!!!


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