Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  I don't know what it is... the season, the colors, the creative costumes, the candy... I don't know, but I love it all!  When decorating my house for any holiday I try very hard to use the three c's: colorful, creative, and cheap!

Therefore, I thought I would share with you a few tips and tricks I have up my sleeve. Mwahahahahahah!!

A few weeks ago I posted my Snack Center.  This is one of the main walls in my kitchen.  The frames you see... are frames I already had.  For the first one, I used a Halloween Printable found on Pinterest.  The other one... I made!!

I bought the peacock feathers at Hobby Lobby (40%), the candy corn was from the end of last year (50 cents maybe), BEWARE sign (Target dollar bin), and the witches (hand-me-down from my Mom)!

It was super easy.  I already had the purple 3-D paper.  I just used the matt that was already in the frame for a stencil and then cut it out.  I used some plain old white paper and the spiders are from an old fake cob web.  I smushed them in the frame and that was it!!

Close-up!  Too easy...

Alright, so this is above the eat-in bench in our kitchen.  I love my antique, black-painted shelf.  Because it is in the kitchen, I try to use "kitcheny" things to decorate... hence the mugs, candy, etc.  Most everything you see in the pic came from TJ Maxx.  The bats are from the Martha Stewart Line at Hobby Lobby (40%).  Aren't they just batty??  I made the eyeball frame, too!

It's a little blurry, sorry.  This was a mommy-and-me project.  I used an old black frame and had Charlie stick on some eyeballs.  I bought them at Michael's in a bag of like 50 in all different sizes.  They were already sticky, too!!  We did this last year and it has held up just fine.  Spooktacular, right?  Man, I am on a roll! LOL!!

Use what you have, people!  This is on my kitchen table.  Place mat (TJ Maxx), Pick Your Poison sign (Target Dollar bin), cheese ball platter (already had it), and eyeballs (Dollar Store).

Don't worry; it's fake!  I already had this antique scale.  Add a pumpkin and a scary spider (we already have these guys lying around the house) and I'm set.  Charlie helped me polka-dot the pumpkins.  I put the white pumpkins in a Pyrex, clear bowl with some black beans.

More black beans, clear dish, and skeleton heads (Dollar Store).  These are in my bathroom.

Let's play I-Spy here.  I spy rats and lots of them.  Again, use what you have!  Charlie is obsessed with these squishy things.  Halloween is the best time to use those creepy-crawly things for decorations.  Below is a close-up of my new friends.


The next pics are going to be dark.  I tried my best, but we have no overhead lighting in our house.  You should have seen me trying to take these pics with the camera holding a lamp in my other hand for my light - it did not help much.  SORRY!!

Ok we have 12 large shelves in our TV room and they are so hard to fill and decorate.  I switch things around about a million times until I have them how I want them.  Here are just a couple of my Haunted Shelves.

 Skeleton heads and crows are all from the Dollar Store.  I have more bats throughout the shelves as well.  That's another cheese ball plate, too.  Below is a close up.

Horrible pic, sorry!!

 The black urn below was a flower pot I never used so I sprayed it black.  When all else fails... go to Goodwill and find a ton of things to spray black or white.  Can't go wrong there... won't hurt the bank either!  The orange and black balls are probably the most expensive things on my shelves.  I bought these years ago and love them.

The Witch sign was from Target (Dollar section).

 Pumpkin lights for one dollar at a garage sale!!  I hung these on my dining room hutch!

This is our entry way.  The ghost is from TJ Maxx.  The rest I had.  I took an old cauldron and filled it with pumpkins, added an extra lamp (tilted the shade), added a small sign, and then a cob web.


Isn't this the truth?  Well, happy hunting for your Halloween decor from my monsters and me!!


Please feel free to share your Halloween decor.  :)
Email me:  mschoenle721@gmail.com

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