Can you believe Halloween is just 3 days away?!?!  Where has October gone?  Before we know it Thanksgiving and then Christmas!  Who am I kidding... Christmas is already here.  I can not get over how fast the decorations come out in stores.  One holiday at a time, please....

Anyways, I wanted to share with you the Schoenle front porch as well as a few of my close friends' and even a relative.  

We try to keep our house pretty simple.  We mainly stage our house with natural things:  pumpkins, gourds, hay stacks, and corn stalks... I like to add something new/different every year, though!

"Velcome" to our home!  Muhahahah!!!

Bought the pot you see there along with his brother last year.  They were blue but I sprayed them to match our house better.  I love my $2 plant stand find.  Adding height makes your eyes wander.  I filled an old vase with some corn and pumpkins, too.

There is my scary Cobra.  He wears this shirt every single day along with his shark socks.  We were obviously doing sidewalk chalk this day lol.  The ghost is our "new" piece this year.  It cost me about $6: tomato cage (Menard's), white lights (Hobby Lobby), white sheet (WalMart), Styrofoam ball (Michael's), and felt (had it)... that's it!  I bought everything on sale.  :)

This was my new piece last year.  I love love love my vintage Halloween wreath.  My friend, Katie, made this for me last year.  It is definitely my bling outside.

What do you think????

Ok, speaking of my friend, Katie... she sent me some pics to show off her front porch.  She even sent me a little background to go with it.  :)

1.) I always say we would be fine never decorating our yard. The eight trillion tons of leaves Mama Nature dumps on it do just fine :)

2.) Set up this simple display on a rusted out old fishing cage. The old crock was .50 at a yard sale and the wood pumpkin $3 at an antique shop. The rusted out watering can was $1 at a yard sale. :) The cat door sign in the back is solid wood with  glowing marble eyes. $2 at a thrift store. It still had the $15 Target price tag on it when I bought it :)

3.) My yellow chair is a new fave this year. $2 at a yard sale and I slapped on some yellow paint. I literally slapped it on in about 10 minutes and just left it. I knew weather would naturally wear it so I didn't want it to be perfect. 

4.) I love love this vintage moulded plastic ghost. It is 1960's, super adorable. This stuff was made to last, and it has. I put it outside and have just plugged it in and let it go. It still works, and works well. $4 at a thrift store.

Add in $12 worth of mums and this year's yard was put together for about $20. I love that. Our house is a relaxed and no fuss cottage style so we just like to keep it easy and natural. Oh, and fun. :) Because of the insane amount of squirrels we can't put pumpkins out til the few days before Halloween, but that is ok. Everything else does the job!





Isn't she so creative??  Her inexpensive finds make me jealous.   If anybody can do it on a tight budget; Katie can.  She just recently redid her Master Bedroom for under 100 bucks including bedding!!!  


Moving on... my parents' neighbors have the best, most spooky, yet creative and fun house I have ever seen.  Janice, is the leader of the pack.  Let me tell you, this house is an eye-popper.  Sit back and prepare to be amazed.


Mummy Central...

Don't worry... I got 'em.  This is hilarious.  It makes me think of Janice's son.  I had him in third grade last year and it was an absolute riot.  That kid could make anyone laugh!!

How you doin'???

A+ baby... If their neighborhood had a contest, they would for sure win the blue ribbon!

EEK!!  Enter if you dare!

I hate clowns, but I love this guy!


One more house to go... this is actually my husband's Aunt and Uncle's house in Fort Wayne.  His Aunt Nancy is an interior decorator, too.  I would love to spend a day with her!!  Aunt Nancy is obsessed with flamingos for every season.  It's freaking adorable.

Look at those birds?  Painted flamingos as skeletons?!?!  You've seen it all here... on Copycat-Design!!

I wish you all a spook-tacular Halloween.

Mallory :)


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