The most adorable young lady asked for a bedside table and the most adorable young lady got one!  

Please meet a fellow student of mine, Miss Kassady C.

Kassady (kass-u-dee) n. - blonde-haired beauty with bright blue eyes, radiant smile, heart of gold, stellar student, go-getter, guitar player and lover of sports (especially softball and volleyball)

Kassady just recently went from a cutesy childish room to the refined style of a genteel young woman.  I knew I had the perfect table for her with just the right amount of bling.  Uncle Larry had given me a piece a while back that was so unique and elegant.  Here she is... I adore the frame of this piece.  The real treasure, though, is the inside of the drawers (keep scrolling).   :)

Side table BEFORE

This table was in pretty good shape, but because of the veneer finish I did have to sand it down pretty well.  If you don't sand down veneer the spray paint and/or paint will just sit on top and not actually soak it up.  You will know because it will come off on your hands.

I used Rust-oleum Metallic Silver.  

I used the WHOLE can.  Because I used short side to side strokes... I probably sprayed this about 8 times.  

Side table sprayed

Side table inside before

It looks great just sprayed in the metallic, but Kass wanted something more.

She had sent me this picture of her curtains.  

She loved the birds on them so we decided to add a final touch to the piece.  
What do you think?

I used some black acrylic paint (89 cents) right on top of the spray paint.  When it was completed, I gave it a coat of polyurethane wherever I painted with acrylic to really seal it.  The rest I sealed with spray poly.

Simple and elegant!!  Kassady is really into her initial right now, too.  So we added a "K" on top for some fun ownership.

Top of table/inside of drawer - love the distressed look on the top!

Look at the inside now... With a little Modge Podge and black and white paper these table drawers went from drab to fab.  It's a surprise every time you open them.  Wouldn't you love a small shelf inside your drawers for loose jewelry, pens and pencils, or maybe a midnight snack?!? I know I would.

One more view from Kass's room.  All she needs is a new lamp and her bedroom is complete.  Her bedspread and headboard are just lovely!  

All in all this was a pretty easy transformation.  Obviously the painting took some time, but the smile on Kassady's face when she came to pick up her table was all worth it.  
Love you, Kass!


  1. Uncle Larry loves it!! You did a great job. Keep it up. And, raise your prices so you get paid for your time AND your talent!

  2. So beautiful! You really are amazing Mal!


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