I decided to try something different with this small side table.  The "chippy look" seems to be very popular these days so I thought, "What the hell... let's do it!"  

Three words my friends... EASY AS PIE!  

Here are the steps I used:

STEP 1:  Sand- I decided to sand a little, simply because of the wear and tear.  I wanted to have a smooth surface on the entire piece.

STEP 2:  Paint- I painted three coats of a basic Behr white color mixed with Websters powder. ( I had to do so many coats because the wood was so dark underneath.)  I recently went to Home Depot and they had 6 Behr samples for 6 bucks!!  Someone's "oops" was my "YEAH!"

STEP 3:  Sand- When my painting was complete I took out my bad a$$ electric sander and went to work.  The best part???????  If you sand too much, just repaint!  You really can not mess up a "chippy" piece.  

STEP 4: Seal- I sealed with my clear Fiddes Wax.  I just love the smooth finish of the wax on top.

Here's the BIG REVEAL!!!!

As you can see I even painted the handles white.  The dark stuck out like a soar thumb.  I just adore this.

You might not have been able to tell, but I added some blue stripes to the top for just a hint of color.  I had to wait 2 days for the white paint to dry in order to put the Frog Tape on (you have to be patient or the tape won't stick).  I simply taped it off, painted, waited 10 minutes, and then removed the tape.  I did all my sanding when the entire piece was painted and dried.  I love the white and blue/turquoise.  A pop of yellow on top would be just the perfect accent.

Here it is one more time.  This piece amongst others will be at THE SHOW!!  Hope to see you there.  The count down has begun and believe it or not my car is officially in the garage.  WOOOOHOOO!!!!

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