I had a friend tag me in a Pinterest post as a suggestion for me to try.  I looked at it, read the blog, and accepted the challenge.

Here is the post from Pinterest:

You can see all of the details for this table at the Nine Red: School of Restoration

BBBBBUUUUUTTTTTT here is MY version.  I found this over sized piece online.  The girl told me she used it as a puzzle table.  You can't tell here, but the edges of the table curl up on the sides.  The size is perfect for a coffee table.  There is a drawer, but you will see that later.

This piece needed a lot of work.

STEP 1.  I sanded the entire top down to the wood grain and added some wood putty to fill in a small crack.  Using my handy dandy Frog tape, I measured and taped off my lines.

STEP 2.  I painted all of the open wood with some smokey gray chalk paint I already had.

STEP 3.  I let it dry for about an hour and then gently tore off the tape.  This tape is magic.  I did not have to repair anything!

You can start to see the curled edges here!

4.  Next, I used Minwax, Jacobean on the stripped wood.  Are you ready???

I'm not going to lie... I applied the Minwax with a cheap foam brush.  I tried my darndest to keep it only on the wood... ya right!!  I tried to wipe it off if it splashed on, but I did have to go back and touch up the gray paint.

5.  Then, I simply painted the bottom with a mix of Behr "Sea Life" paint and Websters Chalk Powder.  I loved the color!

6.  Finally, I waxed the legs with Fiddes and sealed the top with Poly Satin (no gloss).

The hardest part of the entire piece was the stain.  Cross my heart... this table was so much fun.  I passed this picture on to my friend, Katie, who also has an amazing blog.... check here out here: http://www.facebook.com/TheSavvyLunaBugg

She said it reminded her of Beetlejuice because of the stripes, hence my blog title... lol!!  Perfect for the holiday season.  So, what do you think?  

Did I ACE the challenge???

This piece along with quite a few others will be at the All Things Handmade and Vintage Show in November!!  I hope to see you there!  :)

Have another challenge for me???  Bring it on!!

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