Who says a hutch has to go in the kitchen????  Not this girl!  I think large pieces that have storage are the ideal piece for ANY room in the house.  When my husband and I were putting together our nursery for our first born, we looked everywhere for bedroom furniture.  It is unbelievable how expensive furniture is.  I'm sorry, but if it's not on sale, I'm not buying it!  Of course we needed the staple items: crib and changing table, but we decided to look around for some other storage ideas and agreed on a kitchen hutch.  

My mom actually found this decent sized hutch at an antique place and it was bright orange.  It didn't exactly match our decor for the room, but a little bit of black paint was the easy fix.  It was perfect.  I could display some books, stuffed animals, toys, and the bottom had plenty of storage for baskets of clothes.  Well, after we moved into a bigger house it no longer fit in our son's bedroom, therefore, we put it in the kitchen where it belonged.  We loved it there, too, but eventually had a banquette built to add more seating.  The hutch moved back to a bedroom, but this time the guest bedroom.  Here it is now:

This hutch has been awesome storage for us.  Obviously the top part is more decoration right now, but the bottom is filled with books, purses, sweaters, and even some love letters.  :)  I love how this unique, inexpensive piece has been so versatile no matter what room it is in. 

Look at these amazing hutches I found on Google!

Hutch in a bathroom!!!  Why not?  No more toilet paper rolls siting out!  

Hutch for a TV console!!  Why not?  Here is your pop of color and perfect storage for DVDs!

Hutch for an office!!  Why not?  Add a lamp, office supplies, and computer... you're all set!

Hutch in a nursery!!  Why not?  You can never have enough storage for kiddos!

This hutch looks similar to mine.  When I had it in Charlie's room, we had the same DREAM sign.  I love how they used it as a changing table, too!!  Maybe if there is a baby #3 we will have to convert ours to a changing table.  ;)  We'll see...

Happy hunting for hutches!

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