I recently had a friend call and tell me that she bought some new furniture and was so excited to put her NEW ROOM together.  She is in love with her new purchases but said she always struggles pulling the room together with accessories and artwork.  Well, I am here today to at least help with the artwork.  I made a list of different places that you can purchase art without going broke.

Michaels (40% coupon)
Hobby Lobby (40% coupon)
Bed Bath & Beyond (20% coupon)
Kohl's (pray for a 30%)
Meijer/WalMart (always have sales)
Barnes & Noble (They have every kind of calendar you can think of... cut them up and frame them!)
Area furniture stores (hit the clearance section)
www.etsy.com - MY FAVORITE!!!

ORRRRRRR use a local artist...

The prints below are all done from an artist here in South Bend, IN.  She is amazing!  You tell her what you want and she will do it.  I proudly introduce you to, Carly.  Mom by day and artist by night... 

The top two pictures are canvases in my little girl's room.  I just love them!  They make me smile :)

Here are tons more for your viewing.  If you would like to order a piece for yourself, just let me know!!  I can put you in contact with her.


 BOOOOO!!!  Go Irish!!


I am sure you are in amazement just as much as me!  Carly is one talented artist!  Happy artwork hunting :)

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