Besides the old carpet in my house... if I could change anything else it would absolutely be my kitchen. Maybe if we win the lottery... lol.  For now, I will just have to make minor changes to suit our family's needs.  #1 in my kitchen is storage.  We all know you can never have enough storage.  

Unfortunately, we do not have a pantry and with little rugrats and all those "must-have" snacks, that is a definite!  Well, I have been bound and determined to find a small piece of furniture that could hold easy-accessible snacks for the past 3 years.  Well, I finally found that perfect piece on the ever-so-scary but addicting Craigslist.  

Here is the before shot.  This is my 15 dollar Craigslist purchase.  Small, narrow, and lots of snack space... perfect!

As you can see, this is a somewhat new piece that probably came in a box that you have to put together yourself.  It even had the stickers inside that said "A," "B," "C..." to help put the puzzle pieces together... haha!  It did not scare me though.  I knew it could be a whole new piece once painted.  

We have red accents throughout the house so I thought red would be a nice, bold statement color.  Because of the shine I did give it a light sand.  I mixed my Webster's Powder and Behr "Ruby Ring" and got to work.  I did one coat of paint and loved it, but I wanted something more.  I decided to take some acrylic black paint and add some blotches here and there.  I wanted to be able to sand down to the black.  Next, I gave it another coat of red.  When it was all said and done I had done three coats and it still not cover the black, but I didn't care... I love the way it turned out.  I see similar pieces like this at TJ Maxx all of the time.  Sometimes making a mistake can turn into a good thing!!  I did distress it in a few areas and the black showed through as well as the natural wood.  I waxed it to seal it and added the black knobs from Hobby Lobby (50% off of course) and here it is.

Yes, it's Halloween in my house already!

Side view 

I bought the baskets at Target in the dollar section.  I even put our little snack baggies in the pull out drawer.  This works for us at least until I win the lottery.  :)

Happy thoughts??

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