This amazing table was a Garage Sale find.  It was under a heap of junk and absolutely covered in pure nastiness.  I knew I had to have it, though.  A little bit of dust, dead bugs, and even a piece of chewed up gum doesn't scare me.  :)  From the picture, it looks like it is in pretty good shape, but it did need some surgery.  

 I used my Elmer's Wood Filler to fill in all those holes you see.  Here she is in surgery...  I waited 24 hours and then sanded the top lightly with my sander.  I also sanded the shelf because I wanted it to be a little smoother.  Everything else I left just the way it was.

My crafty neighbor had given me some Annie Sloan Arles chalk paint a while back and I knew it was the perfect color for fall.  Behr- Arizona 290 D-4 is the closest match to it.  I'm not gonna lie... everyone  says Annie Sloan's paints are just amazing, but I did not see one bit of difference from my Webster's Powder and Behr Paint mix!

Isn't the color amazing???  Of course, I waxed with Fiddes and Sons to seal it, then I distressed it.  I used the light wax to seal and then used the dark wax to add a more distressed look.  Once I was done, I stepped back and checked her out.  I knew it was missing something, but what??  YES!!!  Eye-candy!!  I left her the way she was for a couple of days until it hit me at the zoo....

A zebra print handle on that gorgeous gold table would be absolutely perfect!!!  So off to Hobby Lobby I went to find a handle.


Finally, she is complete!!  No more nastiness here... only pure awesomeness!!  The color is truer in the pic without the handle.  These two pictures were taken after the sun went down... sorry!  Either way, I love the way it turned out.  Here's a close-up of the "wild" handle!  Thanks to my Papa Joe for drilling the holes for me.  

Happy thoughts??

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