Mirror Mirror on the wall... Who's the fairest of them all??????

This little ladybug of course!!

And especially with her amazing dental hygiene... 


OK OK... enough slap happy humor for tonight!  Here is one of my Uncle Larry treasures.  


Sorry about the before shot.  Work with me, people...it was about 1:00 A.M., 100 degrees, bugs bitin' my ankles, and clearly the only place I had to work was my garage!  

Isn't the mirror a beauty, though??  The detail in it is so cool.  It needed some paint, though.  It was pretty scratched up.  Besides that and a little wood glue in the corner, it was by far my easiest transformation EVER!

 I chose a canary yellow (with Websters Powder) that I already had.  I went with a subtle color on this one.  Thought a yellow like this would be beautiful in a bathroom or entry hallway.  I let it dry about 20 minutes and then waxed it with the Fiddes clear wax.  Then I added some dark wax to really bring out the detail.

 Here is a close up of one of the corners.  Look how shiny it is after the wax!

And here is the AFTER!!

Sorry about the glare.  I will have to look up "how to take a picture of a mirror" before my next mirror redo. HAH I am showered in this pic, however.  Yeah ME!!

And... speaking of ladybugs... here is my ladybug desk I have been working on.  All I need is the chalkboard paint on top and this little lady is ready to fly away.  

Stay tuned for the finished pics.!

Happy thoughts??

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  1. very cute! and love, Love, LOVE, the ladybug! (Q & desk!) :)


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