So... my Charlie Brown is following in my father's footsteps and loves to draw and create "masterpieces."  I love hanging his pictures and such on my fridge, but my other monster loves to pull them off and run like hell until we can catch her.  I needed a solution and fast!  
I found this ginormous bulletin board for 5 buckaroos!  This picture does not do it justice in how large it really is. :)

I knew I wanted to keep the bulletin board part of it, but there was writing on it and it needed to be covered so I opted for a "French Memo Board."  

I bought this cheapo batting at Hobby Lobby (used a 40% coupon and spent like 2 bucks).  

 I hot glued it all the way around the border.  It fit it almost perfectly.  Only had to cut off about an inch on one side...

Then I covered it with my chosen 30% off fabric (also found at HL) and stapled it to the back.  You can use a regular stapler, but I had one from my teaching days that I... can you guess???  got from Hobby Lobby and it was just the perfect "oomph" - not too much power, but enough to keep it secure.

       I picked up about 4 spools of ivory ribbon (50% off at HL) to create the diamonds.         
       My handy dandy tape measure was perfect to help me measure every 3 inches.  I  
                            used some push pins to keep the fabric in place.  

        Once it was all pinned, I flipped it over and stapled it to the back of the board.  

Finally, I added the bling.  I used those furniture tacks in silver for 1.99!!  They pushed       
                           right in because of the cork board.  It was a piece of cake!

Here is the final "Billetin Board" as Mr. Charlie Brown calls it!!  He decided to pose for me.  Yes, he is shirtless.  Sorry, that's all he wears or should I say doesn't wear.  We think it's a perfect addition for our basement wall.  

Happy thoughts?

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