So... my Charlie Brown is following in my father's footsteps and loves to draw and create "masterpieces."  I love hanging his pictures and such on my fridge, but my other monster loves to pull them off and run like hell until we can catch her.  I needed a solution and fast!  
I found this ginormous bulletin board for 5 buckaroos!  This picture does not do it justice in how large it really is. :)

I knew I wanted to keep the bulletin board part of it, but there was writing on it and it needed to be covered so I opted for a "French Memo Board."  

I bought this cheapo batting at Hobby Lobby (used a 40% coupon and spent like 2 bucks).  

 I hot glued it all the way around the border.  It fit it almost perfectly.  Only had to cut off about an inch on one side...

Then I covered it with my chosen 30% off fabric (also found at HL) and stapled it to the back.  You can use a regular stapler, but I had one from my teaching days that I... can you guess???  got from Hobby Lobby and it was just the perfect "oomph" - not too much power, but enough to keep it secure.

       I picked up about 4 spools of ivory ribbon (50% off at HL) to create the diamonds.         
       My handy dandy tape measure was perfect to help me measure every 3 inches.  I  
                            used some push pins to keep the fabric in place.  

        Once it was all pinned, I flipped it over and stapled it to the back of the board.  

Finally, I added the bling.  I used those furniture tacks in silver for 1.99!!  They pushed       
                           right in because of the cork board.  It was a piece of cake!

Here is the final "Billetin Board" as Mr. Charlie Brown calls it!!  He decided to pose for me.  Yes, he is shirtless.  Sorry, that's all he wears or should I say doesn't wear.  We think it's a perfect addition for our basement wall.  

Happy thoughts?

Besides the old carpet in my house... if I could change anything else it would absolutely be my kitchen. Maybe if we win the lottery... lol.  For now, I will just have to make minor changes to suit our family's needs.  #1 in my kitchen is storage.  We all know you can never have enough storage.  

Unfortunately, we do not have a pantry and with little rugrats and all those "must-have" snacks, that is a definite!  Well, I have been bound and determined to find a small piece of furniture that could hold easy-accessible snacks for the past 3 years.  Well, I finally found that perfect piece on the ever-so-scary but addicting Craigslist.  

Here is the before shot.  This is my 15 dollar Craigslist purchase.  Small, narrow, and lots of snack space... perfect!

As you can see, this is a somewhat new piece that probably came in a box that you have to put together yourself.  It even had the stickers inside that said "A," "B," "C..." to help put the puzzle pieces together... haha!  It did not scare me though.  I knew it could be a whole new piece once painted.  

We have red accents throughout the house so I thought red would be a nice, bold statement color.  Because of the shine I did give it a light sand.  I mixed my Webster's Powder and Behr "Ruby Ring" and got to work.  I did one coat of paint and loved it, but I wanted something more.  I decided to take some acrylic black paint and add some blotches here and there.  I wanted to be able to sand down to the black.  Next, I gave it another coat of red.  When it was all said and done I had done three coats and it still not cover the black, but I didn't care... I love the way it turned out.  I see similar pieces like this at TJ Maxx all of the time.  Sometimes making a mistake can turn into a good thing!!  I did distress it in a few areas and the black showed through as well as the natural wood.  I waxed it to seal it and added the black knobs from Hobby Lobby (50% off of course) and here it is.

Yes, it's Halloween in my house already!

Side view 

I bought the baskets at Target in the dollar section.  I even put our little snack baggies in the pull out drawer.  This works for us at least until I win the lottery.  :)

Happy thoughts??

Who doesn't love pictures?  I... L.O.V.E. pictures!  I love taking them, being in them, and of course displaying them.  I have pictures all over my house (some might think too many), but to me... that makes a house a home.

Although I have pics in every room of my house, I decided to create a picture gallery going up my stairs.  I bought a box of like 4 picture frames from Kohls just to get me started.  I put them up and they have been expanding ever since... as well as our family. :)

At first I thought all of my picture frames should match, you know... color, mat, no mat... yadda yadda.  EHHHHH WRONG!  Honestly, when I have a picture that needs a frame, I head to Hobby Lobby or Michaels, find one I like, use a coupon, and head home to hang it up.  I don't worry about my frames matching... that's what makes the gallery wall so unique and special.  I love my wall and I hope you do as well.  It makes me smile, the kiddos too.  The stories behind each picture come alive every time I walk up and down my stairs.

It's really hard to take a picture on an angle... my apologies.  It looks so much better in person.

I can't wait to add more!  The other side of the stairs is empty as well... plenty of room for my 7 children that I have always wanted (lol we'll see)!

My mom has a stairwell in her house that is filled with old photos, too.  It is the perfect place for a collection.  I always try to figure out who my kids look like or who I might look like in a few decades.  The antique-looking frames my mom used really make the space.  Her signs, cross, and vintage camera pull it all together.


My friend, Chelsea, has a great picture wall.  She used different shapes, sizes, and pops of color... LOVE IT!  Her frames just scream, "Come check me out!"


The next few I found on Google.  They are all so different.  I need more walls in my house... LOL!!

Who needs nails?  Propping pictures on shelves makes it easy to add or subtract.  

Great use of color!!  The green mats are awesome!

Very vintage modern.  Great for a teenager's room... you can change out the pictures every week or every day.  Clothespins... genius!

PERFECT!!  All black and white pics with different colored white frames... 

Very simple... 


I know this is not a wall, but I love the way the pics are displayed.

There you have it, folks.  Honestly, you can not make a mistake when putting together a picture gallery wall.  You probably have old frames stashed away in a closet somewhere.  Go dig them up, brush off the dust, and print your favorite pictures.  My suggestion???  Hang one picture up and just keep going.  If it makes you happy... then you have succeeded! 

P.S.- My favorite place to download and print pictures is at
The prices are unbelievable.  Your prints will be to your house within 2-3 days and the quality is just what their title says, "professional."  You will not be let down!  :)

If you have a photo wall you would like to brag about, send me a picture to my e-mail.

This is what I have been working on for about 2 solid weeks now... MY DESKS!!!





Ladybug AFTER!



Charlie's Desk AFTER!




I know... I'm exhausted.  Aren't they cute, though???  All have homes except for the Ladybug!!  They were pretty easy... a little spray paint + chalk board paint + and spray poly = SUCCESS!!

Here is the last desk I did for someone.  I was asked to sand and  refinish... what do you think?



Happy studying!

I recently had a friend call and tell me that she bought some new furniture and was so excited to put her NEW ROOM together.  She is in love with her new purchases but said she always struggles pulling the room together with accessories and artwork.  Well, I am here today to at least help with the artwork.  I made a list of different places that you can purchase art without going broke.

Michaels (40% coupon)
Hobby Lobby (40% coupon)
Bed Bath & Beyond (20% coupon)
Kohl's (pray for a 30%)
Meijer/WalMart (always have sales)
Barnes & Noble (They have every kind of calendar you can think of... cut them up and frame them!)
Area furniture stores (hit the clearance section) - MY FAVORITE!!!

ORRRRRRR use a local artist...

The prints below are all done from an artist here in South Bend, IN.  She is amazing!  You tell her what you want and she will do it.  I proudly introduce you to, Carly.  Mom by day and artist by night... 

The top two pictures are canvases in my little girl's room.  I just love them!  They make me smile :)

Here are tons more for your viewing.  If you would like to order a piece for yourself, just let me know!!  I can put you in contact with her.


 BOOOOO!!!  Go Irish!!


I am sure you are in amazement just as much as me!  Carly is one talented artist!  Happy artwork hunting :)

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