My husband and I met Larry, "Uncle Larry," as we now call him, when we lived in our first home together in downtown South Bend.  We always knew who he was because we actually hung around his two children through various activities growing up, but never really had a true conversation with him until we became neighbors.

I think being a young and naive couple, Larry decided to "take us under his wing."  He loved to come pester me about how giganto I was when I was preggo, he loved(s) to treat us to our favorite Rocco's Pizza, and to this day he is always teaching me about gardening techniques and such.   

I loved when he would stop over with a truck full of exotic plants and flowers.  I didn't have a clue as to what they were, but I learned about them and cared for them (or at least tried).  Sometimes I would come home to surprises waiting by my front door to be planted.  It was like the Plant God had visited.  

Well, Uncle Larry invited me over this past weekend to shop in his basement for a few treasures.  After filling the back end of my car :) he took me to see his beautiful garden.  It is so welcoming, yet simple.  It's perfect!

The entrance... Larry made this amazing entry.  He found the metal grapes,  painted them, and then attached them to 2x4s.  He even added some detail to the tops of the poles.  

He painted all those grapes!  The reddish orange really pops against all of the greenery!

Look at the size of these Canna Lillies!  Larry tried to get me to stand next to them for a pic but I hadn't showered yet. LOL


Larry had a few garden ornaments throughout, but they were hidden in such a way that they drew your eyes in all areas of the garden.

My favorite piece... a handmade birdfeeder on a Hummingbird plant holder.  Larry sent me home with two holders of my own.  :)

Ok, here are a few of the treasures I came home with.  Three tables, a mirror, a bench, a bird feeder, and some small accessories.  He told me we could check out his garage once I finished my current projects.  Believe me, I am working hard over here.  Stay tuned for finished products!

Thanks, Uncle Larry, for a wonderful Saturday morning.  I hope I make you proud.  :)

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