Good Tuesday Morning!

I'm sure every single one of you out there have lamps in your homes that could use a new attitude.  Let's face it; lamps are expensive!  The whole package... the fixture, the shade, and the bulb!!

Our house was built in the 80s and has absolutely no overhead lighting, so we had to purchase about 3-4 lamps PER ROOM!  Sure I bought a few expensive lamps here and there for our family room and bedroom, but I decided to play around with the rest of the house.

I'm one of those girls who gets sick of things fast so I like to purchase things that are cheap and/or easy to upcycle.  I also think that every room should have a conversation piece.  In my living room, I bought this hideous, heavy as heck owl lamp from Goodwill.  It was so ugly; it was cute!  Everyone that comes to my house always has a comment about it and I love that.  I recently gave it a new look inspired by these owls I saw at TJ Maxx.  Check it out!


I have owls in the rest of the room, too.  They make me smile.  I also bought this other brass lamp from Goodwill and simply added some flowers from Michaels.  All I did was hot glue them.  They have every kind/color of flower you could imagine.  Cute and simple, huh?

In my little girl's room, I bought a beautiful lamp on sale at Marshalls but wanted some frill, so I added a hair accessory.  These are the best when updating a lamp.  Hair accessories like these have clips and pins on the back.  No glue needed!  If you get sick of it, just take it off.  Because I bought it at Claire's and they always have buy one get one 50% deals, I bought two.  The other lamp was from Christmas Tree Shop for five bucks!  We never use the lamp, but needed something on the table.  It was the perfect size.  Love these...

Left pic: Art work compliments of Carly Shuey, an artist in town. 
Right pic:  Pardon the bottle/milk stains.  That's the table next to the rocking chair and one of my future redo projects.


Here are a few more inspirational pieces I found on Pinterest.  Maybe they will inspire you!  


Brass lamps from a thrift store spray painted


Sharpie marker


Thrift store lamps with Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint... spray with water and then the spray paint... this is how it dries.  I am definitely going to try this one out!

Hopefully I gave you some "bright ideas" for a new look in your home!

Mal :)

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