We all know that those long lists of projects we want done ONLY get done if:
1.  Company is coming into town
2.  We are hosting a party (birthday, graduation, etc.) OR
3.  The big Holiday extravaganza is quickly approaching

Am I right?  I am famous for hosting a party, coming up with a "simple theme," and then staying up until 3 in the morning just to make sure everything is perfect.  For example, last May I volunteered to have a jewelry party at my house.  I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and decided to have a dessert spread with five different types of cupcakes.  I thought it would be a great project to do with my, then 3 year old.  HA!!  It was fun while it lasted, but then I had to clean up the mess!  When 3 o'clock rolled around, my legs were tree trunks.  I was so tired the next day I could have cared less about the damn jewelry and if you know me, I LOVE BLING!

Anyways, back to my point... we all want our houses to look homey and welcoming when people come over, especially when they are staying for the weekend or longer.  That means more area of the house will be seen, so even those "shut the door and no one will see it rooms" will be seen.

About a week ago my parents had some friends come into town for the weekend.  My mom is like me and loves to change things around.  I could not believe how fast, how cheap, and how easily she changed up her place.  It's amazing how just adding some artwork here and there can make a room pop.

Look at this:  my mom framed a Father's Day card from my sister and put that cute little vase next to it.  Perfect or what?!?!

She even framed some postcards she bought from the Irish Imports store in South Bend to fill the shelves on her entertainment center.  Who woulda thought?  (Her maiden name is Murphy, too!)

She bought these frames below a while back and they had pictures of cute coffee cups, but she got sick of them so she simply added some bright card stock.  Voila!!

Unlike me, my mom worked weeks in advance to make her whole house look homey.  These are just a few of the changes she did.  Why not use what you already have then you can spend a little more money on a new chair or maybe a new rug?  Those small changes can make a big difference.

Here are some more framed ideas I found searching Google.

Frame some alphabet cards for a child's bedroom or even a playroom.

 These are black and white greeting cards in some cheap oak frames.

I love these old handwritten family recipes.  Great touch for a kitchen.

It really is amazing how simply changing out artwork can make a room look so different.  I also suggest finding cheapo 50% off posters at Michael's and then having them framed.  You can't beat it!  How about framing your child's artwork?  You can always update it.  

This is what I do with Charlie's masterpieces:

I have four hangers going down into the basement.  Every week I switch out his new creations.  So much easier than opening up a frame!

Well, I guess you could say my mom has been framed and in a GOOD way!!  Please share what you have done to change artwork, add more color to a room, or fix up the house in a quick and cheap way before guests arrived!!  Don't do what I do and stay up until 3 A.M.!!  Just do a little at a time and before you know it you will have new transformations right before your eyes!!

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