Three words...three syllables...BACK. TO. SCHOOL!!  

The Target commercials have been better than ever, the school supplies overflowing in the isles (or "islands" as my son calls them), and the best ever sales on shoes!!  

With teachers heading back, students heading back, and stay-at-home moms re-organizing their less chaotic house - ya right!... I have the perfect piece of furniture for everyone!!  It's easy, cute, and has storage.

Please welcome to the class...   the adorable SEAT CRATES!!

Crate seat with black and white material 

Three finished seats

Use the ribbon to lift for storage

A couple teacher friends asked me to make these seats for their classrooms.  I used the tutorial here: 

The teacher explains it way better than I ever could.

Here is your shopping list, though:
1. plastic crates - ON SALE NOW!
2. piece of plywood - Home Depot all the way!  They will measure and cut for you!
3. mattress pad
4. material and ribbon of choice
5.  staple gun
6. duct tape/felt to hide staples (optional)

The girl on the blog says it took her 1 hour to create 8 seats.  She did have someone help her.  I'm not going to lie; it took me more time than that, but I am a perfectionist.  You really do need another set of hands to complete the project, though.  It helps to have someone pull and hold the material.  Overall, it was a simple process.

Here are two more I did for a "Wild Animal" themed Classroom.

Pardon my nasty toes Bahahah!  I'll get those painted before summer is over; I promise!  Aren't these wild and crazy?  This teacher chose to have her ribbon across the top.  You can still lift them open with the ribbon.  CUTE!!

There are so many possibilities for these awesome seat crates.  Let's think outside the classroom for a minute.  How about in your child's bedroom to store books or in the playroom to store toys or even the dorms to store... whatever?!?!?  Wouldn't these be perfect Christmas presents?  You could even personalize them with special fabrics to match the kiddo's personality or bedroom and/or adhere a monogram letter on the top.  I know... brain overload.  I'm just so excited about these darn crates.

Well, get your order in now!!  Christmas is right around the corner and you won't find the crates as cheap as they are now.  

Happy thoughts?



  1. Love them! My students do, too!

  2. I think I am going to make 2 for my parents for Christmas! They already store my kids toys in an old mike crate so why not have cute little seats on them! My kids will love them there too!


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