There is a shop in downtown South Bend called Junk Evolution. 
It is the cutest store with the neatest repurposing ideas.  I try to make it in there as often as possible.  Every month they have a different theme and I just love to see how they turn everyday objects into something unthinkable.  A few months back, I stopped in on a "First Friday" and saw the neatest piece.  It was bright orange and I had to have it!  I knew the husband would not mind because orange is his favorite color.  :)  I thought I could put it in my basement for some storage but decided on... my bedroom.  Yes, I changed my entire bedroom color scheme around this great piece.  Remember... every room should have a "conversation piece" or an "eye-catcher."  This was mine!

I tried it on about every wall of our bedroom.  We are lucky because our bedroom is pretty big... a major reason we bought our house.  Anyways, the only place it fit was at the end of our bed.  I tried it for about a week, added a couple white garden tables (mine were from Big Lots for 20 bucks a piece), and that was that.  Once I changed out my bedding and added some more touches of orange it was exactly what we needed to make our room POP!  Who says you can't add a dresser at the end of the bed?  This works because it does not overpower the rest of our room or the bedframe.

The picture does not do it justice.  Sorry!  

By the way... this green table is going for $200.00 on Ebay!!  Again, mine were 20 buckaroos each!!

Alrighty... I hopped on Google and found some of my favorite end of the bed displays.  
What do you think?

Absolutely perfect for a kid's bedroom.  Us moms know you can never have enough book storage.

Trunk turned table?... YES!!  I love the colors, too.

Very sophisticated...

Simple storage... it could use a pop of color though.

Storage?  Seating?  Sweet?  Check, check, and check!!

My future bedroom.  I adore everything about this!

Very Shabby Chic!  Obviously I love the color.  Those seats are to die for , too!
Saved the best for last.  Wouldn't this be cool at the foot of the bed?  You could tweak it a bit to face the bed or keep it like this and have it face a seating area.  WOW!

Please feel free to share your end of the bed ideas and don't let the bed bugs bite.  Happy thoughts?


  1. I love these ideas for the bedroom! Now I regret selling my vintage "tub" chairs like those shown with the zebra stool in between :( My Daughter told me I'd regret it.... she was right!

    1. You had chairs like those????? Ohhh Andrew read my post and told me we WOULD have that room one day!! :)


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