It is finally complete!!  I found this lovely piece at a Garage Sale.  She made my head turn because of her obvious detail.  The wave look is so elegant.  I did have to do a little bit of repair work, but nothing I couldn't handle.  

There was a pretty large crack on the top of the dresser.  I used Elmer's Wood Filler and it bandaged her up without a problem.  Wood Filler is pretty easy to use.  Depending on the size of the crack, you can either use your finger to apply it and/or a putty knife.  You can apply the filler as much as you need to.  They say overfilling is actually better.  Once it was applied and dried I went back and sanded it.  Believe it or not I only had to apply it once.  That was the only thing I sanded.

I decided to go with grey... Behr Sparrow to be exact.  It was perfect!  After drying for about 24 hours I used the Fiddes light wax to seal it and the Fiddes dark wax to add a distressed look.  The last step was to switch out the knobs.  Hobby Lobby is the best place for those - all 50% off.  I chose a shiny knob with a little bit of gold and silver in it.  


She is one shade of grey and one perfect piece!  Now she just needs a new home!!

Happy thoughts?


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