Ok... I admit it... I am addicted to chevron!  It all started with my pillows, then my shower curtain, and then I saw a Nate Berkus show and some lady did chevron on her entry wall... at that point I was addicted.

Pillows on my window bench in the bedroom :)

Bathroom curtain (I want to add some turquoise on here somewhere... I love that color combo)

Message boards!!!

This pic and the one above are from The Crockery in Granger.  I love that store and I love how they throw everything together- colors, patters, gold/silver and it looks amazing!!!

Fallish tablecloth

A STATEMENT wall.... :)

This. Is. To. Die. For.  I always talk about a statement piece...  so fun!!

This is adorable but certainly a lot of work.  I don't know if I have enough patience for that one.

I know, right???  PUMPKINS!!!  This will be on my porch this year.  You can count on that!

Sooooo who has a piece they want me to paint with chevron????
P.S. - The link below is a free chevron printable... enjoy!!!

There is a shop in downtown South Bend called Junk Evolution.  http://junkevolution.blogspot.com/ 
It is the cutest store with the neatest repurposing ideas.  I try to make it in there as often as possible.  Every month they have a different theme and I just love to see how they turn everyday objects into something unthinkable.  A few months back, I stopped in on a "First Friday" and saw the neatest piece.  It was bright orange and I had to have it!  I knew the husband would not mind because orange is his favorite color.  :)  I thought I could put it in my basement for some storage but decided on... my bedroom.  Yes, I changed my entire bedroom color scheme around this great piece.  Remember... every room should have a "conversation piece" or an "eye-catcher."  This was mine!

I tried it on about every wall of our bedroom.  We are lucky because our bedroom is pretty big... a major reason we bought our house.  Anyways, the only place it fit was at the end of our bed.  I tried it for about a week, added a couple white garden tables (mine were from Big Lots for 20 bucks a piece), and that was that.  Once I changed out my bedding and added some more touches of orange it was exactly what we needed to make our room POP!  Who says you can't add a dresser at the end of the bed?  This works because it does not overpower the rest of our room or the bedframe.

The picture does not do it justice.  Sorry!  

By the way... this green table is going for $200.00 on Ebay!!  Again, mine were 20 buckaroos each!!

Alrighty... I hopped on Google and found some of my favorite end of the bed displays.  
What do you think?

Absolutely perfect for a kid's bedroom.  Us moms know you can never have enough book storage.

Trunk turned table?... YES!!  I love the colors, too.

Very sophisticated...

Simple storage... it could use a pop of color though.

Storage?  Seating?  Sweet?  Check, check, and check!!

My future bedroom.  I adore everything about this!

Very Shabby Chic!  Obviously I love the color.  Those seats are to die for , too!
Saved the best for last.  Wouldn't this be cool at the foot of the bed?  You could tweak it a bit to face the bed or keep it like this and have it face a seating area.  WOW!

Please feel free to share your end of the bed ideas and don't let the bed bugs bite.  Happy thoughts?

It is finally complete!!  I found this lovely piece at a Garage Sale.  She made my head turn because of her obvious detail.  The wave look is so elegant.  I did have to do a little bit of repair work, but nothing I couldn't handle.  

There was a pretty large crack on the top of the dresser.  I used Elmer's Wood Filler and it bandaged her up without a problem.  Wood Filler is pretty easy to use.  Depending on the size of the crack, you can either use your finger to apply it and/or a putty knife.  You can apply the filler as much as you need to.  They say overfilling is actually better.  Once it was applied and dried I went back and sanded it.  Believe it or not I only had to apply it once.  That was the only thing I sanded.

I decided to go with grey... Behr Sparrow to be exact.  It was perfect!  After drying for about 24 hours I used the Fiddes light wax to seal it and the Fiddes dark wax to add a distressed look.  The last step was to switch out the knobs.  Hobby Lobby is the best place for those - all 50% off.  I chose a shiny knob with a little bit of gold and silver in it.  


She is one shade of grey and one perfect piece!  Now she just needs a new home!!

Happy thoughts?

CHEERS to everyone who made it through their first week of school... whether you are a teacher, a new college student, or a parent who had to pack their first lunch and say goodbye to their "not so little" baby anymore... Here's to all of you!

When I was little, nothing made me happier than to play school in my awesome playroom.  I had it all: the chalkboard, the chalk holder, the music chalk holder staff liner (you know the thing to make the handwriting lines!!)... the whole 9 yards!  I knew even in second grade that I wanted to be a teacher.  Well, it happened, and I still love CHALK!!

Even though I have decided to stay home with my kiddos for a little while, I still get my chalk fix...now through my painting!!  For this simple project I used the Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Paint simply because I had it and wanted to use it up.  I could have easily used my Webster's Powder but chose not to.

There is also a spray Chalk Board Paint as well.  

I like the paint because it lasts longer and I personally think it looks smoother when you use a roller.  

This desk was as easy as 1, 2, 3!!

See??  The hardest part was taping it off.  I taped off the feet, the top part of the desk, and the name plate.  I gave it two coats of the red spray paint.  Then I painted the chalk paint.  You have to be patient with this paint.  It is thick and takes a while to dry.  I did it in two days.  Two coats- Two days...  I decided to get a little crafty and added a can with some cute fabric to hold the chalk.  I just hung it with some strong magnets.  That's all I did.  I think the colors are perfect!

Here it is one more time.

I found these cute trays at a thrift store, too.  I thought they were perfect to chalk up.  How cute would these be at a buffet table or even propped up in a kitchen?  You could even hang them on a door with some ribbon.  :)  So many options...

TIP ALERT:  After you paint something with the chalk paint and are ready to write your message... be sure to rub the actual piece of chalk on it's side all over your piece then wipe it off with a damp rag.  If you don't do this you will be left with a ghost-like effect forever.  

It's amazing how a little bit of chalkboard paint can make a dull piece so much fun.  Don't forget you can make chalkboard paint colorful, too.  

  Webster's Chalk Paint Powder (2 TB) + water (1 TB) + any color latex paint = Chalk Paint!  

Three coats on your piece without the wax is all you need!  This sweet lady is the one that has the #7 booth at Mishawaka Antiques.  She has the "special ingredient" for all of your chalk paint projects!


Alright my friends, that's all I have for today.  Until we meet again... :)

<3 Mal

We all know that those long lists of projects we want done ONLY get done if:
1.  Company is coming into town
2.  We are hosting a party (birthday, graduation, etc.) OR
3.  The big Holiday extravaganza is quickly approaching

Am I right?  I am famous for hosting a party, coming up with a "simple theme," and then staying up until 3 in the morning just to make sure everything is perfect.  For example, last May I volunteered to have a jewelry party at my house.  I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and decided to have a dessert spread with five different types of cupcakes.  I thought it would be a great project to do with my, then 3 year old.  HA!!  It was fun while it lasted, but then I had to clean up the mess!  When 3 o'clock rolled around, my legs were tree trunks.  I was so tired the next day I could have cared less about the damn jewelry and if you know me, I LOVE BLING!

Anyways, back to my point... we all want our houses to look homey and welcoming when people come over, especially when they are staying for the weekend or longer.  That means more area of the house will be seen, so even those "shut the door and no one will see it rooms" will be seen.

About a week ago my parents had some friends come into town for the weekend.  My mom is like me and loves to change things around.  I could not believe how fast, how cheap, and how easily she changed up her place.  It's amazing how just adding some artwork here and there can make a room pop.

Look at this:  my mom framed a Father's Day card from my sister and put that cute little vase next to it.  Perfect or what?!?!

She even framed some postcards she bought from the Irish Imports store in South Bend to fill the shelves on her entertainment center.  Who woulda thought?  (Her maiden name is Murphy, too!)

She bought these frames below a while back and they had pictures of cute coffee cups, but she got sick of them so she simply added some bright card stock.  Voila!!

Unlike me, my mom worked weeks in advance to make her whole house look homey.  These are just a few of the changes she did.  Why not use what you already have then you can spend a little more money on a new chair or maybe a new rug?  Those small changes can make a big difference.

Here are some more framed ideas I found searching Google.

Frame some alphabet cards for a child's bedroom or even a playroom.

 These are black and white greeting cards in some cheap oak frames.

I love these old handwritten family recipes.  Great touch for a kitchen.

It really is amazing how simply changing out artwork can make a room look so different.  I also suggest finding cheapo 50% off posters at Michael's and then having them framed.  You can't beat it!  How about framing your child's artwork?  You can always update it.  

This is what I do with Charlie's masterpieces:

I have four hangers going down into the basement.  Every week I switch out his new creations.  So much easier than opening up a frame!

Well, I guess you could say my mom has been framed and in a GOOD way!!  Please share what you have done to change artwork, add more color to a room, or fix up the house in a quick and cheap way before guests arrived!!  Don't do what I do and stay up until 3 A.M.!!  Just do a little at a time and before you know it you will have new transformations right before your eyes!!

Three words...three syllables...BACK. TO. SCHOOL!!  

The Target commercials have been better than ever, the school supplies overflowing in the isles (or "islands" as my son calls them), and the best ever sales on shoes!!  

With teachers heading back, students heading back, and stay-at-home moms re-organizing their less chaotic house - ya right!... I have the perfect piece of furniture for everyone!!  It's easy, cute, and has storage.

Please welcome to the class...   the adorable SEAT CRATES!!

Crate seat with black and white material 

Three finished seats

Use the ribbon to lift for storage

A couple teacher friends asked me to make these seats for their classrooms.  I used the tutorial here: 

The teacher explains it way better than I ever could.

Here is your shopping list, though:
1. plastic crates - ON SALE NOW!
2. piece of plywood - Home Depot all the way!  They will measure and cut for you!
3. mattress pad
4. material and ribbon of choice
5.  staple gun
6. duct tape/felt to hide staples (optional)

The girl on the blog says it took her 1 hour to create 8 seats.  She did have someone help her.  I'm not going to lie; it took me more time than that, but I am a perfectionist.  You really do need another set of hands to complete the project, though.  It helps to have someone pull and hold the material.  Overall, it was a simple process.

Here are two more I did for a "Wild Animal" themed Classroom.

Pardon my nasty toes Bahahah!  I'll get those painted before summer is over; I promise!  Aren't these wild and crazy?  This teacher chose to have her ribbon across the top.  You can still lift them open with the ribbon.  CUTE!!

There are so many possibilities for these awesome seat crates.  Let's think outside the classroom for a minute.  How about in your child's bedroom to store books or in the playroom to store toys or even the dorms to store... whatever?!?!?  Wouldn't these be perfect Christmas presents?  You could even personalize them with special fabrics to match the kiddo's personality or bedroom and/or adhere a monogram letter on the top.  I know... brain overload.  I'm just so excited about these darn crates.

Well, get your order in now!!  Christmas is right around the corner and you won't find the crates as cheap as they are now.  

Happy thoughts?


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