Who doesn't love red and who doesn't love FREE???  I was driving through the neighborhood one day and found this vintage typewriter table on the side of the road. 
 The sign on it read, "FREE FREE FREE!"  
I said, "YES YES YES!!"
It was an ugly blah color so I knew it needed a statement color to bring it back to life.


I sprayed it with a lipstick red color.  I did not sand or anything.  It was in perfect condition so I did not bother.  It took me about two cans to complete the project.  I still thought it needed a little jewelry so I found a basket for a buck at Goodwill, sprayed that a teal color I already had and it fit like a glove in the bottom of the stand.

Isn't she purrrty?  She could be used as a beverage cart or even a side table?  The sides of the cart fold down and it's even on rollers!  All she needs is a home now.

Happy thoughts?


  1. way to go, mal! love ya!

  2. Very cute blog and ideas...I will be following!

  3. Your Blog is awesome, love all your ideas you are so creative!!

  4. Thank you! I am doing my best. These projects call for early mornings and late nights, but I love the peace and quiet!


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