My first post is a simple and fun project I completed in two days.  I just recently painted one of my walls with that awesome chalkboard paint and needed some cute chairs for the kiddos to relax on.  I went shopping in my Grandpa's basement and found two wooden chairs that were perfect.

I'm sorry I don't have a before picture, but just close your eyes and picture two small, wooden chairs and that's what they looked like before I got my hands on them.  I already had some turquoise paint so I decided to use that rather than buy more.  Instead of painting them solid I decided to add a little detail using painter's tape.  My favorite is the green Froggy kind.  It has yet to fail me.  I taped off, painted my first coat, waited 24 hours, painted another coat, waited 24 hours and then took off the tape.  This is what I was left with!  Isn't it neat with the wood grain showing through??  I did spray a coat of polyurethane on them so they would hold up better.  

That's it... simple and different!  Happy thoughts? 

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