Welcome to "Tipsy Tuesday!"  No, I'm not over here gettin' my drink on... I'm here to give you my tips of the day.  I hope you find them very useful.

Here they are:  MY Seven Spray Painting Tips

1.  ALWAYS ALWAYS check your spray paint before you leave the store.  I can not tell you how many times I have come home, prepped my area, positioned my piece just perfectly, opened the can of spray paint and the teeny tiny piece on the nozzle was missing!!

2.  Be sure to wear gloves when spraying or it will definitely ruin that freshly done manicure of yours.  
3.  Either place your piece on the grass, on a drop cloth, and/or large piece of cardboard.  That spray paint can go up to ten feet.  Make sure nothing else is around you.  You never know where else it is going.  
4.  A mask is always nice to have even if you are spraying in a well ventilated area.  Those fumes can cause headaches in minutes.
5.  Shaking your spray for about 7-10 minutes will help to reduce the grittiness of the paint on your piece.
6.  Spray primer is always a good thing to prep with.  I usually rough up my piece, prime, and then spray.  Polyurethane spray to seal your final product is the best, also!
7.  Last, but not least... spray paint is relatively inexpensive, but Hobby Lobby and Michaels always have 40% coupons that can be used on paint.  I usually go to WalMart, though.  The paint there is priced well, they have lots of great colors, and when your nozzle is broken or missing a piece and you are determined to finish your project before you go to bed... WalMart is always open!

Old Chair with Hobby Lobby pillow to make it POP!

3 dollar chair

Lady Bugs on the back for a sweet surprise!

Happy spraying!!

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  1. You KNEW I was going to love this with the ladybugs! :)


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