Some of you may have heard about this new paint by Annie Sloan.  It is a chalk paint; and it is amazing! You can literally paint anything without priming or sanding.  There is no prep whatsoever. However, the price of this paint is quite pricey and it only comes in a handful of colors.  Well, guess what?  I have found a solution to having everything you want: cheap, lots of color choices, and still no prep work.

My neighbor told me about this chalk powder she found on Etsy.  It's called Webster's Chalk Paint.  It is unbelievable.  For 14 dollars and a couple bucks for shipping you get a bag of chalk powder that you can add to any color paint you want!  You simply add 2 TB of powder, 1 TB of water, and a cup of latex paint.  It lasts forever and you can get about 6 cups of paint out of the whole bag.  Here's the topper... you can either add it to paint you already have and/or you can go to Home Depot and get one of those Behr Sampler paints for $3.00 and turn it into chalk paint.  I'm telling you it's the talk of the neighborhood.

Check out my end table/magazine holder:

All I did was clean up the table, mix my paint, and painted two coats.  I did use a wax to seal it (which you can also get from Webster's) and then distressed it a bit.  It was so easy and dried in no time at all.

Remember the table I rescued from the side of the road?  It was chalk paint with dark wax, too!

This stuff is amazing.  It cuts your work in half!  Not to mention the seller is so helpful and has a site full of inspiration.  Here's the link... check it out yourself!

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  1. That looks great, Mal! Can you use this kind of paint to paint walls in your home?? Cute blog by the way. :)


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