Hello again!! Soooo I found these awesome stools/side tables at St. Vincent's the other day. I loved the style but hated the colors. Check them out...

I decided to go with a beautiful blue color. I sanded, primed, and painted two coats. Isn't it a great color?? 

I decided it needed a little more so I went to my favorite resource (pinterest!!) and found these adorable stools to recreate. (www.itswhatimdoingblogspot.com)

I went to Michaels and found some cheap letter stencils and got to work. Unfortunately, the ones I bought had about four different letters on each board. I had to cut each one out, tape them together, and thennnn use a ruler to measure the center of the stools. I was like Magyver trying to simply create, "sit" and "stay."

I sprayed them with white spray paint and gave them a coat of poly.  What do you think?? These stools are the perfect size for side tables or could even be hidden under a sofa table to pull out for extra seating. I'm not sure how I feel about stencils, but I love my stools!

Happy thoughts?


  1. Love them! You go girl on all your projects; most of us just pin the stuff! Ha!

  2. Thank you! The thing is... once I start I can't stop!


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