I apologize for being away for a few days, but I have been very busy working on some BIG projects.  Pictures and stories to come this week (YIKES!).  Is it bad that Home Depot knows me by name now?  Oh well; I can not wait to show you behind the scenes at the Schoenle Workshop!

Anyways, it's Tuesday and that can only mean one thing... TIPS and TRICKS!

My tip of the day is about storage.  You can never have enough storage, especially with children in the house.  Who am I kidding, though, I have more junk than the kids do.  Weather it's you or the little rascals, we all need a place to put our crappola.  

Vintage suitcases stacked in a corner, next to a fireplace, or even on a dresser are perfect for storage.  They are sturdy, have pockets, and are all so unique.  

(These are in my living room.  Inside: Play-Do, lego pieces, and the small one has my blank cards for b-days and such.)

(This cosmetic case is on the dresser in our guest bedroom.  I keep my large and bulky jewelry in here.)

I found an old tool box that has a beautiful turquoise color on it.  I love the wear and tear that it shows.  I used to keep it next to my couch with blankets inside, but it will be leaving me this week and heading to a new home.  

Old hat boxes are perfect, too!  They are great for seasonal items like bathing suits or scarves.  My mom found these for me.  One was even my Grandma's.

Yep, that says, "Mallory Hats."  There was a Mallory Hat Company for men in the 1900s.  It was taken over by the Stetson Hat Company in the early 1950s.  We have two of them and I smile every time I look at them.  :)  

Welp, there is my tip of the day.  Plastic storage bins are great, but they aren't the prettiest.  I challenge you to find something unique and vintage to store your crappola.  

Just like the Mallory Hat's Slogan used to say... "Make like a reporter and get one!"

  Happy thoughts?

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  1. Great ideas for storage, Mallory! I'm on the look out for the Mallory hat boxes! You need more!


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